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Maui Surf Spots – Koki Beach

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Koki Beach map Location: http://bit.ly/2bBevpI

Maui Surf Spots
We are local surfing coaches, so we are familiar with several Maui surf spots to go to. We can help you pick the best spots in Maui to surf. If you want to know where to surf in Maui, we have several videos on the best surf spots in Maui. Be sure to see the rest of the videos in our channel. If you’re looking for surfing lessons in Maui, you can reach us at http://surfmauihawaii.com/ .

Koki Beach
Koki Beach is located on the east end of Maui. It has a stretch of land about 100 yards. Koki is a beach break, so mostly sand bottom and like any sand bottom it shifts a lot. Usually there is a peak toward the left end of the beach. There’s also one sort of in the middle and one on the right. It is often changing. It can be very fun!! It is a great spot for intermediate to advanced surfing. Many of the locals enjoy surfing there. The water is beautiful, and shallow on the way out. It can be dangerous as far as the rip current goes. Many people get sucked out, so while you’re getting into the water be cautious.

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