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Maui Surf Spots – Hamoa Beach

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Hamoa Beach Map Location: http://bit.ly/2brCnfI

Surfing on Hamoa Beach
Hamoa is a blacksand beach on the east end of Maui. It has a nice shore break, kids can have fun, and when it’s not to big it is very playful which everyone can enjoy. When it’s a little bigger it can be scarier. It becomes more intermediate to expert level. When it is good enough size, the waves can get to about head high. Outside it will start breaking to the right side of the bay, and is generally a right breaking wave. It’s a little more mellow, not as fast or as heavy as other waves. Intermediate surfers will have fun out there. Hamoa has beautiful water, great scenery, you can’t go wrong! If you are looking for surfing lessons in Maui, be sure to checkout http://surfmauihawaii.com/ . There are several surfing spots in Maui we can take you to for surfing lessons in Maui. Beginner lessons to advanced lessons. We find the best places to surf in Maui, and show you how to handle the waves.

Maui surf Spots
By finding the best surf spots in Maui for you, it eliminates all the research you have to do so you can get in the water sooner and be certain to have a great time.
Considering we are all local surf coaches, we are experienced with the local weather and can help you pick the right surfing spot based on weather conditions. The best surfing in Maui is often based on weather conditions. If you’re looking for the biggest waves in Maui or looking for Maui surf spots for beginners, we can point you in the right direction and provide surfing lessons to get you going. Be sure to check out our other Maui surf spots videos in our youtube channel.

Visit: http://surfmauihawaii.com/ for surf lesson details

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