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Wandering the Waterfalls of Hawaii – Three Steps Behind on Maui (March 2019)

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Just over a year ago a friend of ours on Maui took us on an incredible journey to find a hidden healing pool and experience the very essence of the earth in a way that can only be described as magical. This year, we decided to share this journey with our family. From the first moments in this luscious landscape, we could feel the aliveness around us. Like it was reaching inside us, invigorating and calling new life to emerge.

After the first half a mile, we sat in a circle beside the path and enjoyed fresh Hawaiian fruit while we set our intention for the day.  Topanga talked about being mindful, Tehillah talked about family unity, Veronica about peace of mind and I chose to focus on contentment and being grounded. Drake, of course, contemplated the meaning of life and what a joy it was to be here.

With our intentions set, we once again took to the path through the tropical rainforest.We admired the trees, practically hearing them grow and reach for the sky with a gorgeous canopy hundreds of feet above, and enjoyed the cool breeze and shaded path.

Our first stop was the hidden healing pool we’d visited the year before, by far the best skinny dipping swimming hole we’ve ever encountered. We immersed ourselves under the small waterfall carved into the lava rock wall and we shouted our intentions into the water, into the Earth, unto Source, unto God, and emerged filled with hope and anticipation. As each of us resurfaced, the rest cheered in support. It was amazing.

From here, we continued onwards, leaving the path and bushwhacking by memory towards the promise of another glorious pool and waterfall. Stopping for lunch in a creekbed and to change from muddy hiking boots into water shoes, we prepared for the next stage of the hike, rock hopping up river. Each of us has least one good bruise from this part of the adventure. Finally, the canopy opened, the river widened and we found ourselves at our final destination, a glorious pool in the middle of this tropical paradise.

Standing on the rock where Veronica & I renewed our vows last year in this sacred Eden-like garden, we introduced our kids to pure, divinely inspired creation. The earth at her most majestic, her most virtuous, her most abundant. Once again we soaked in these healing waters of Hawaii and played together.

At the end of the day, our intentions were met. Mindfulness, peace, contentment, family harmony and joy…check. Bring on the next adventure.


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