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Wailea Beach Path, Maui, Hawaii, DJI Osmo 4K

By September 17, 2016 22 Comments

I recorded this walk using a DJI Osmo. The distance of the walk is 3.2 miles from the Andaz hotel to the Fairmont hotel and return on the Wailea Beach Path on Maui. Going to use this on my treadmill in winter!

The entire recording at 4K was 21GB for 47 minutes of video. I found no problem with battery life. Worked just fine. Holding it while walking was easy and not uncomfortable. I used an iPhone 5s.

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  • Cyrus Hashemi says:

    I really appreciate it. It's wonderful to me and I watch it sometimes when I can't sleep.

  • AnneHardingBondiJct says:

    So beautiful ! Thanks for doing it in 4K.

  • Eugene Propes says:

    Thank you makes me want to go back to Hawaii Maui!

  • AnneHardingBondiJct says:

    Beautiful !

  • Ramzi NY97 says:

    Fantastic place❤ and amazing video????????. You deserve my subscribe to your channel!

  • mikelife4321 says:

    Just watched this with google cardboard while listening to Hawaiian music from my tablet walking on the treadmill lol. Felt like I was really walking there. Thanks

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana says:

    We been there before. We went last year.

  • Sara Rorebeck says:

    This is so awesome. I live in Oregon and its been so rainy this year making it difficult and just unpleasant to walk outside. This is a gem!!! Thank you! I walk to it almost daily on my treadmill.

  • Kenneth LaValle says:

    Hi Strings and Wings. I'm going to the Andaz Maui in a few weeks and would like to do this as well.  What time in the morning did you begin the hike?  Thanks.

  • ozizou2533 says:

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  • juicer67 says:

    +Strings And Wings 61 This video makes for such a wonderful escape from reality. I can't thank you enough. Please tell me what camera you used.

  • jorge agustin inzunza felix says:

    Recorrido espontáneo que cualquier individuo realiza y que muestra la sencillez y belleza del lugar al natural; te felicito por esta edición.

  • Mahi Hawaii says:

    Mahalo man for this great video. We stayed at the We$tin on my daughter's Make A Wi$h trip so Awesome! Like whoo, whoo can even go to the Road to Hana when I SPY this ocean video? Moved from FL 4,500 miles away back in 2010 to make Hawaii our home yet my olde$t prefers New York City with a Beach on Oahu. CHEERS! My younge$t is gone with the wind on the Big Island of HI somewhere? lol FOND MEMORIES

  • Bazoookai Onii says:

    so cool. better than every TV commercials

  • Karina Leon says:

    thank you thank you thank you !!!! from Argentina .

  • Leo Yue says:

    really great!

  • Smart Nerd says:

    I've walked here before.

  • Владислав Егоров says:


  • Poonam D S says:

    Can I watch this with a VR headset? Would it make the experience even more real?

  • Donna Berkley says:

    Okay I just have ask …. you are walking a really beautiful place. You don't look around at the scenery, you just keep your eyes fixed on the sidewalk. Are you really going to enjoy watching the sidewalk for 50 minutes on your treadmill when there was so much other great stuff that you could have been looking at ? Why do videographers that are doing virtual hikes in beautiful places assume that all we want to see is the path they are walking on ? I wish you had mixed things up a bit.

  • Joe Bilodeau says:

    you carried your drone? what's the fun in that.

  • Frappy says:


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