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Maui Waterfall Hike- Hana Hawaii island

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Tour to Hidden WaterFall In Hana Maui hawaii island. Road to Hana Waterfalls.The scenic Road to Hana waterfalls are a big reason many Maui visitors take a day trip along this small two lane road.

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In addition to the waterfalls, if you want to read about the Road to Hana beaches, parks and ocean vistas, visit my Road to Hana page.
Use Mile Marker signs to locate your stops on the Road to Hana And all this scenery is why much of the Hana Highway was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.
Watch for the green Mile Marker signs on the side of the road to identify your locations and stops. Most references to help you identify your sighseeing stops will use these mile marker signs.
NOTICE: The steep mountain slopes from the Maui volcano Haleakala combine with trade winds and rainfall to create a water flow that not only varies each day, but also varies during different times of each day.
Best Road to Hana Waterfalls
The best Road to Hana waterfalls are not the first ones – they get more spectacular as you progress during the day. To keep ahead of the crowd, don’t dally too long at the average stops at the beginning of the trip. But do stop for Waikani Falls, located between Mile Markers 19 and 21. It is also called Three Bears Falls because the three falls are different sizes like Papa, Mama, and Baby bear in the children’s story.

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