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The Road to Hana – 7 tips for first time travelers

By July 7, 2016 44 Comments

Ever wanted to do a day trip on Maui but don’t know what to do? Looking for relaxation while also learning about the Road to Hana? Watch these 7 tips to ensure a memorable trip to Hana. Whether it is how to prepare for the weather or what to bring, we have got you covered.

Here are 7 Helpful Tips for first time travelers!
Feel free to add any more tips in the comments below!

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A Hui Hou!

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  • Adam Wilson says:

    what was that last beach?

  • Stunningly beautiful

  • KRUGE67 says:

    my wife and i go next month,thank you for the good advice, aloha 🙂

  • David K says:

    Wow, great photography! Thanks for putting that together.

  • Love this vid and the music….I could listen to Moemoea all day and picture all the great things about Maui in my mind!

  • Scott Wells says:

    What type of drone did you use for the aerial shots?

  • Great tips. Especially #1. I'd also add to bring phone charger and spare batteries – cause all the videos and photo-taking will drain a lot of power.

  • Another great video Kalani!

  • Spot says:

    Great video Kalani! Love the drone footage in the beginning.

  • sasha038 says:

    Now THIS is a guide!!!! You are the best!!!

  • SuperGoldnut says:

    You missed the best place on the Hana highway. When you get to the 'Sacred Pools' take the hike (like 2.5 miles each way) through the bamboo forest to the 400' Waimoku Falls. It is a hike and site that should not be missed.

  • Liana H. says:

    This was so beautiful…… have taken this road over 30 times and enjoy it each time. It's truly so special….. thank you for a special video

  • Jelly Donut says:

    Tip #8, if it's your first time visiting Maui skip the road to Hana. There are better ways to spend your time if you've never been. Save this for the 3rd or 4th trip

  • What is the name of the song/artist for the video? And thank you for posting this!

  • dude it's been a week and I miss everything about Maui. I've been watching these vids still thinking I'm in Haiku..

  • S.Coronado says:

    Thank you for sharing it's beautiful ????

  • 0:19 TIP 1. Let the locals pass
    0:41 TIP 2. Start Early
    1:12 TIP 3. Prepare for the weather
    1:31 TIP 4. Have some cash on hand
    2:08 TIP 5. Respect & care for the land
    2:40 TIP 6. All eyes ahead
    3:10 TIP 7. Plan one Extended site to See
    Awesome video!Thanks for sharing.

  • is the road scary or just curvy?

  • Rachel Yoo says:

    This is so useful! going in february & will def use this tips 🙂

  • bel250 says:

    We did this road to Hana trip today, once we arrived Hana, we ate lunch and continue driving around to the other side instead of turning around back to the same route, there was a part of the road that is a dry river bed for about 10 seconds on a 25 mph speed, then back to a black top road, we also saw a couple of cows right along the highway that seemed got away from the range fence…I can finally say that we made around Mt. Haleakala.

  • Sudha Patel says:

    Nice Video, thanks. I am going to Maui in Oct. 4, 2017. First time going, so excited.

  • Love the melody! <3 and the video too of course! 🙂

  • I love Maui, it's my second favorite destination in the world (Moorea, Tahiti – French Polynesia is #1. The one drive I will never take again is the Road to Hana. Way too scary even though it's beautiful. I've traveled in every state, never was as frightened as on the Hana Road. My advice to Visitors, stay in the Lahaina / Kaanapali Beach area. Best beach on the island!

  • I went on this during the summer we got in a wreck

  • Great footage in the video, though not all of it is from the drive itself. Check out video on my channel for a more first hand account of the drive.

  • BananaJSSI says:

    Last time I drove that I got car sick. Love the scenery along the way, but I'll stick to less windy roads when I am there. Be back in a couple of days from now . Kihei is my favourite , much drier there

  • Paul Cook says:

    Tip 8: Stay in Hana (or nearby). We stopped in Mack's Shack. Like paradise.

  • Red Agent says:

    Very well done video. Thank you so much for sharing this. And for the kind and caring tone that it takes toward the land and the culture of Maui.

  • karenm8757 says:

    Fabulous video…thanks for sharing!

  • Great tips I will be there in may.

  • Anita Anita says:

    Thank you for the tips. So beautiful out there and perfect editing ????

  • J Horton says:

    Can ya snorkel at the black sand beach?

  • Emily C says:

    i just got back from maui this morning and i’m already missing it so much. the road to hana was beautiful and i feel like i didn’t get enough of it though. this made me happy thinking about maui.

  • David S says:

    Appreciate the tips!! My family and I are visiting in June 2018!! Very soon!!!

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  • Joel Segovia says:

    Such awesome and peaceful video!!

  • Hint #1. Rent a Camaro convertible 2. Haul ass.
    But don't forget to stop at Coconut Glens (and give him a tip so he can finally buy an engine for his vw microbus) .

  • Ok, this video is much better than the Red Sands video, good job bruddah…. except the sunscreen part. Sunscreen will soon be banned and nobody wants that in our streams and oceans. Mahalo????????????

  • Ty Campbell says:

    If you are a passenger in a car driving to Hana, you best have a strong stomach or some motion sickness medicine.

  • I thank you very much for the information. My wife and I are heading there soon and your video was very helpful and informative.

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