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The Best Snorkeling Spots in Maui. Po'olenalena, 5 Graves, Honolua Bay & Ahihi Natural Reserve.

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Hey guys! this is our first video, and we are learning how to use our drone, camera and editing software – so please be gentle! We had an amazing Christmas in Hawaii – and
this is the 6th time we have been to Maui! Over the years we have searched out various spots along the island and these are the 4 best snorkel sports in Maui.

1. Po’olenalena beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Maui, it’s somewhat protected from the wind and is a great spot to relax on the beach, swim or snorkel. There are coral reefs on both ends of the beach, you can follow them out quite deep. We promise your are going to see some turtles and a variety of bright and colourful fish.

2. 5 Graves aka Turtle Town. The entrance is hard to spot, once you pass the Wailea mall, you drive for a couple minutes then take a right hand turn down towards the beach. Drive slowly along the lower road, look for a narrow path on the right side going to the beach. You will also notice an open area with large graves, this is the spot! IF you can dive a 10-15 feet, you will see reef sharks. If your not much of a diver, there is good visibility and you will see lot’s of turtles. The current can be a little strong, not recommend for beginner snorkelers or swimmers.

3. Honolua Bay is just north of Kapalua in West Maui. It is a bit of a drive, however this spot features some of the most colourful coral reefs. If you keep on the highway past Lahania, you will be treated to breathtaking views while you drive along steep cliffs and narrow roads. When you hit a one way bridge there is a food truck on the right, and a small bit of parking on the left. Additional road parking is available.

4. Ahihi-Kinau natural reserve is legendary, it’s protected and is filled with rare and endangered fish. Sometimes the visibility isn’t the greatest, if you get out there and it’s no good, come back another day as it’s worth the trip!

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