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Terrifying or Fun? Driving the Hana Highway on Maui | Camper Van Life Hawaii Part 2

By March 13, 2019 46 Comments

Camper van adventure around Maui – Pacific Whale Foundation whale watching tour, an epic camping spot on the Road to Hana, black sand beaches and waterfalls.

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  • Very cool cave kate, thank you for taking us! ✌????

  • hotelboz says:

    Aloha, Road to Hana is great – been out to the C Lindbergh grave – beautiful spot. the road past Hana to Lindbergh is Hana Road+

  • jodeluna62 says:

    Did You Rent An RV In Hawaii Or Did You Ship Your Rig Over There?

  • Thats a great view! I was hoping Kate has her arms around her husbands waist admiring the great view. I'm so disappointed.

  • 14:30
    The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. What a beautiful shot of Kait!
    I just realized that the captions said you did your daily cheekbone exercises instead of qigong (sp?) Haha

  • Debra Rhymes says:

    Ive been on that road and it’s no joke! I am blessed to not get car sick. Once we got to Hana the locals were very nice. They were have a local festival and we were invited to join. Very nice folks. Thank you for your videos. Have fun! {Deb}

  • Miles Fong says:

    Kait didn't expect to see so many chickens and you are married to one. I driven that road and he's braver that he acts.

  • Penny Messer says:

    Absolutely Beautiful

  • Lola L says:

    There's nothing bad to see in Maui..love it… hope to be back to Kahana before year ends…adventure awaits

  • D LG says:

    Joe: "I'm going out!" lol I don't blame you, I'm a bit claustrophobic too.

  • I'm with Joe on the cave expedition, but good going Kait!.

  • Lilysgma Aus says:

    You two are so cute together! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  • paul 808 says:

    Hello from Honolulu Hawaii I was just over there in Maui about three weeks ago or maybe a spoon for when I consider now in my hideaway spot I love it so much over there can’t wait to go back just wanted to say so good to see you guys again and make sure you

  • J T says:

    There's a reason why the gas is cheaper at Costco. "You get what you pay for."

  • Onur Acar says:

    best episode so far

  • Tatiacha says:

    I'm with Joe on the caves LOL I think they should have never paved the road to Hana when i went down it in 1980 it was a dirt road with lots of potholes and it took all day but that was what was wonderful, no one was in a hurry, and there were not a bunch of "drive by" tourists who not only want to go fast but then whine about it being terrible, let alone now the locals who know every inch of it want to go fast because they are just getting from point A to point B. The immense beauty remains. Those were film days pre-digital and I look many rolls on that road alone.

  • s j says:

    fantastic!!!!!!! thank you

  • Bob Shaw says:

    Cheers ! to ya Joe it's 4:25 AM in Florida as I drink my Chase & Sanborn Special Roast coffee w / half n half in it . That was neat hearing the whales singing . The gas line @ COSCO reminded me of decades ago when there were long gas lines here in the US . If it wasn't your day you couldn't get gas . Luckily as a daily commuter for work I never ran out of gas . That road reminds me of the Bear Mountain road (aka the goat trail) from the Annsville Circle , Peekskill , N.Y. up to the Bear Mountain Bridge that goes over the Hudson River . Kait your a brave soul I'm like Joe you wouldn't get me in that cave no way no how LOL !! I've been in a cave @ Mammoth Caves National Park . It was a guided tour is the only reason I went in it with my friend Pat .

  • John Wang says:

    The tough part of doing the drive to Hana is driving across half of the Pacific.

  • Can you show us more about your morning routine?

  • Richard Tams says:

    Good road trip guys. Look forward to next episode.

  • Kait, you are much braver than I am lol! ????????✌????????

  • We drove the road to Hana. Didn't make it very far. It was terrifying. Sheer cliffs on one side down to water or boulders of death. Wall of the hillside on the other. Single lane road with TWO way traffic. Vehicles could come at you from around a bend and you would just be head on. We turned back. I would never do that again. There were some beautiful views in what we did see of it. There is apparently a modern road that can be taken that makes the journey longer. I would do that if I go back. The prices at the grocery store was staggering.

  • I still have my Hana hi way shirt 200 hairpin turns, etc it Was quite an experience
    Enjoy the rest of your trip..wish I was there…maybe I will now get
    A tee-shirt I survived the “bomb cyclone” that just hit us in Colorado.
    Best wishes Jake from Aurora,co.

  • Awesome! We made the drive to Hana but not in a camper van but in a mustang convertible. It was beautiful!

  • Drew L says:

    How did they get the camper van to Maui? Must have been a import cost associated with that.

  • JoAnn Hutt says:

    "Someone" (ahem) needs to start wearing sensible footwear when "he" goes hiking! lol

  • JoAnn Hutt says:

    Hawaii – a place I've always wanted to visit or go to on a l-o-n-g vacation! For many,many years (probably since I was 12 or 14 yrs. old and I'm 68 now) I've almost "yearned" to go there but due to not ever being able to afford to go and now illness and disability, I'll never see the beauty & wonder of all Hawaii has to offer.
    I hope you both are enjoying each & every day you're there and seeing as much of Maui (and/or anywhere else you may be planning to go) as possible! Have you been to Maui Ocean Center (the largest aquarium in Hawaii),yet? I'll bet that particular aquarium is an amazing & outstanding thing to see & experience!

  • alliejr says:

    That opening video montage has an Alexander Payne “Sideways “ vibe to it. Well done.

  • Very beautiful. I haven't been to Maui since the 80s. I love how honest Joe is about not venturing into the cave.

  • alliejr says:

    February you can dozens of whale breaches right from the beach.

  • Rocki5pr says:

    Interesting video!!!! Have to say though, there's something fundamentally wrong with the author of "Take Risks" not wanting to step out of his comfort zone to explore a cave with his wife …

  • Just as beautiful as I remember, are you going to Halleakelaka , it's beautiful view above the clouds in the sky

  • Joe, caves are cool. We have an expression here. Big Girls Blouse, for someone like that. Seriously though, whale watching is big business in Australia, as the humpbacks migrate up and down our coastline. And one thing we have in Western Australia is, plenty of coastline.

  • I AM Enough says:

    I enjoyed the adventures!
    Thank you for sharing! You're brave Kait, for venturing into that cave, nice!

  • chellayh says:

    Hey, I recognize that cave! The Maui Revealed guide is awesome!

  • Hilda Kracht says:

    kate…..Why do you shave your head? you had such beautiful thick hair?

  • That BETTER be Hawaiian Kona coffee, lol!

  • james rudman says:

    We used to ride our boogie boards down the aqueducts back in the eighties. So many hidden treasures. Favorite hike, straight up the ridge on the Pali road. Only place on the west side that you can day hike and see the big island. (Usually shrouded in clouds at lower elevations)

  • Aloha Kait and Joe;
    Ahh yes the road to Hana so beautiful, the curvy road, the steep drop offs, the sacred waterfalls and of course the 56 one lane bridges. You guys we’re lucky there was no landslides or you might of had to extend your trip????
    The road to Ha’ena is still under repair here and has been since the landslides last April ☹️, Hawaiian time no need rush.
    We weren’t sure you guys saw our second post about 2 good friends on Kauai, but Kait I forgot to mention we have a lot of Qi Gong enthusiasts here as well. I had the pleasure of having a private consultation with Grand Master Hong Liu at the natural healing research foundation Qi center, he is truly amazing and so worth going too! Priceless. Our basic eight has turned into the golden eight and always the one you were doing whenever I wanna ????.
    Joe flip flops hiking on wet snotty ground is not recommended ????, also some citronella plant spray would help with mosquitoes, aptly named Buzz Away.
    We just had an air compressor added to the Beast and ordered some new screens. He’s just about ready for first off road adventure ????

    Have fun hope to cya soon on the Garden Island
    Cindy and Larry Aloha

  • I really like your travel videos. I would love to see more in the future. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  • Diana Balto says:

    Tell us how costed to bring your rig to Hawaii???

  • Oh the whales are amazing!!!!

  • i was just there last week. i should nave brought my van. how did you get yours there and what was the cost?

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