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We arrived on Maui on the 20th and out in front of the condo the surf was flat. But through the night I kept waking up to the sound of waves crashing and a building swell. At first light I was anxious to get outside and see what I had been hearing through the night, and yes, the surf was up! Also, I was excited to use my new Sony a6500 camera ‘hand held’ to shoot 4k video. The camera has a built in 5 axis stabilization system. Here are the results. Let me know what you think in the comment section down below, Aloha

Camera: Sony a6500
Lens: 55-210 Zoom
Edit Software: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate x10
Music: Brighter Days by Chill The Giant

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  • Mark Holtze says:

    I can smell that salt air, feel the power of the waves and the sting of the salt in my eyes! Thanks for this!

  • Todd Euliano says:

    Bruh, I don't know much about camera's, but great filming here and super clean pictures. Great work. Happy for you and your bride to get out of Dodge. Waves look amazing out there. Wishing you all the best on your time away. Stay great! Love from the East Coast

  • John Egan says:

    Billy…that was a heroic entry into the water off those rocks dude! I loved watching the big guy on the longboard…man he can shred…looks so chill while doing so too…he made it look like he was on a shortboard. Loved the video bro…beautifully shot and edited…my only criticism is that there wasn't enough of YOU in it!…lol 😉 It was cool to see you in it a little bit tho… 😉 Cheers, John 😉

  • The waves just kept getting better and better as the video goes on ! Loved the stills at the end. The last rip at the top of the wave is a sweet capture! – and, the Long board at the beginning. That is some old school sesh. Love that!!!

  • So stoked to here my song on this video bro! Your footage is awesome, can't wait to watch it on my roku. Yeeww

  • John Kelly says:

    Loving the look of the a6500! Killer shots, that swell is getting me pumped for summer surf trips!

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