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Road to Hana is a beautiful curvy road that brings you to countless waterfalls and incredible volcanic sites. Maui is insanely beautiful.

Hawaii 3 – The Power of Yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC9wcaVhx7E
Hawaii 2 – This Ruined Travel for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CibX_-j8QAI
Hawaii 1 – World’s Most Beautiful (You Need to Watch This)

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  • Lost LeBlanc says:

    Don't miss Pt1 of Hawaii: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qycHo6jcACQ
    Hope you enjoyed Pt4 and the end of Hawaii ! If ya did, Smmaaassh that thumbs up button !
    Let me hear your thoughts! Follow the adventure on Instagram @LostLeBlanc

  • Joey Granath says:

    Awesome videos, but your girl doing to much…like in the thumbnail lol

  • Cort cat says:

    Laura I get you, I tend to get attacked by trees on hikes as well. I have learned to make my husband walk in front of me to catch all the spider webs and branches lol.

  • Aivie Gonzalvo says:

    that story telling tho ????????

  • Taylor Strause says:

    I went to Maui a year ago and it's my favorite island! The road to Hana is probably the best thing about the island, but watching the sunrise on top of Haleakala was pretty amazing too ????????????

  • Tim Hickey says:

    Are there any other filmmakers who want to help each other out? Like this & ill subscribe:)

  • Dani Urdaneta says:

    Now I miss Hawaii ???? I'm jealous I never got to try riding the back of the pick up truck. lol Btw can you make a video on How to travel South East Asia like the top 5 countries to visit there and how to budget (cheapest way to travel), Where to go in each country and stuff like that. That would be great! You and Laura makes me wanna travel South East Asia!

    PS. In my opinion you're the best travel vlogger!!!

  • TheManagingTechnolog says:

    Awesome video.. I just booked business class flight to Washington in early August.. Had a feeling I need to travel after watching this..

  • Story of Mo says:

    Please find adrenaline addiction and collab

  • Ry says:

    From Maui and I find it funny when non locals try to tell you how to be local. Best way to see Hawaii and experience the lifestyle is to cruise with a local.

  • EatMoveRest says:

    We love you and Laura! Been following for a while but these are great. Fun to see you all meeting and having so much fun! We are looking to plan a trip to Hawaii and instead of doing a general search we came right to you guys and found what we needed! Would love to connect sometime! You guys have inspired our small channel so much, thank you! P.s tell Laura we can hook you up with a good company that will send you ACAI and Pitaya smoothie packs to your door! We have a couple smoothie bowl recipes for both on our Vegan channel too! Would love to do a meet up sometime! We just left Italy next stop Hawaii! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  • Christian Zuno says:

    Because of your videos I traveled to Guatemala for 2 months and worked in a school for kids in poverty teaching them English. Keep it up man. Love your stuff

  • The Mighty Manong says:

    Nextime South Point BigIsland

  • Aman gupta says:

    love it your videos

  • Yllian G says:

    Truly enjoyed all your Hawaii videos. Made me laugh so hard you kept renaming the holiday, ie labor day, memorial day! C'mon but you live in Canada? It's hilarious you would miss July 4th! Fireworks, beaches and barbeque! Independence Day! LOL ????????????????

  • WilsonOverboard says:

    I feel like travel is definitely the best way to make awesome friends from around the world!
    Those waterfalls looked absolutely amazing ????

  • Explore Different says:

    Its amazing to see how much your videos have evolved over the past year! So amazing to see all the places that you've travelled!!

  • Cleveland Steamer says:

    I like living on big island.might check maui out

  • Sassy. never.Trashy says:

    I've been bing watching all your videos, I came from Laura's channel. No lie I think you have the best channel on youtube! Every video is just WOW

  • Anonymous says:

    This series make me wanna come back to Hawaii! You never fail to deliver the most amazing cinematic. Any advice for a new travel vlogger?

  • GarretCrigger says:

    Sick brother hang ten ????

  • Vickys Vlog says:


  • A Maui Blog says:

    Great video! I was actually at Safeway when you guys were there before you went to Hana. I recognized you but I was shy to approach and talk to you all – lol! Enjoy your videos of Maui and Philippines too 🙂

  • Sylvia Pingleton says:

    I did the WHOLE road to Hana no turning back did it in a convertable mustang with my daughter we felt like Thelma and louise, it was quite scary until we got to the paved road, would I do it again, don't think so but loved it

  • Sylvia Pingleton says:

    One of the guys sat in the truck said USA NO NO with Hawaiian's we are called the MAINLAND Hawaii is USA

  • Lucy's Lollipop says:

    Hey! I just found your channel, are you from Bratayley family? Katie Billy Hayley and Annie LeBlanc?? Do you know them? I am soo curious ???? Btw great video!

  • GoshTasha says:

    after this i'm gonna go watch adrenaline addiction lol

  • Kristin West says:

    More Hawaii!!! Go see the big island!

  • Mana Forcefield says:

    Originally from sacramento been here 4 years???????????? sorry bra you not one local. "these pools dont have names" BRA every inch of Hawai'i has a name, a meaning, and a purpose.

  • Amanda Cardona says:

    Hello , am going to Maui on Saturday , it's 5 of us, what kind of cam did u use ?
    Thanks for your cool vid????????

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