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Proving Maui – Welcome To Water (Ep.2) | Volcom Surf

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One of our favorites from our friend at Volcom Surf on YouTube.

Photo gallery: http://www.volcom.com/news/surfing-perfect-waves-in-maui-welcome-to-water-episode-2/

Episode 2 of our Welcome To Water series follows Dusty Payne on Maui as he tears apart epic Honolua Bay with some of the Volcom Hawaii crew featuring Tai Vandyke, Gavin Beschen, Imai DeVault, Kai Mana Henry and Tom Dosland. Next, we head down the road where Dusty and Mitch Coleborn dismantle a tricky high-performance left, and then it’s back to Honolua for Mitch’s backhand attack and high-speed tube time with Dusty and Kelly Slater.

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Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Tai Vandyke, Tom Dosland, Imai Devault, Gavin Beschen, Kai Mana Henry, Kelly Slater

“Global Chakra Rhythms” by Jeff the Brotherhood
Courtesy of Infinity Cat Recordings

Episode 1 – “Big Waves and Heavy Barrels in Hawaii”

Episode 3 , “Sumbawa, Indonesia”

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