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By July 29, 2016 26 Comments

Aloha, A week of surfing in wonderful Maui, Hawaii. In this edit I am playing around with narration, I hope it is enjoyable.

I also brought 2 bamboo board mounted pole cameras with me, I only needed one as the construction is solid and held up in many wipeouts. There were a few times when the adhesive attachment points came unstuck, probably a combination of me not waiting the recommended 72 hours for them to cure, and the hot midday sun “melting” them off. I have since tried some different mounting techniques that are more robust and stay put.
Thanks for watching!


Bamboo POV camera pole mount for surfboards

from Yakaruna by By Evan Fraser and Vir McCoy

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  • John Davis says:

    Good narration, seemed zen-like. Surfed with you once (38th) and didn't realize what you were doing with the cam, now I see. Keep it up bro, good stuff.

  • Mat Pendle says:


  • Salvador Leques says:

    great video
    What is that (gopro?) mount that u r using?

  • bjywong says:

    where is this surf spot in Maui?

  • mexxxicaNT says:

    wow you make it look easy and fun … just relaxing surf fun

  • Gal Spinath says:

    on which mount you put the go pro ?

  • Rusty Maverick says:

    Dude, I found your channel and video by accident but damn what an awesome video. I love the narration and I dig that you let the video go on for some time and not just "the best of" type shots. Props to you man. Subbed!

  • Alexander Glukhov says:

    have you tried flat picture style? sometimes picture looks dark

  • Gary Candido says:

    I know this west side towards lahaina, but where is it specifically?

  • Adam Alstein says:

    Awesome. You mind saying the specs of the board? Thanks.

  • antoine leduc says:

    Nice, vid. What size board is this?

  • Austen Goldsmith says:

    nice vid . nice vibe

  • Gabriel Barella says:

    What is the size of your board? 8'.?

  • R BAR says:

    bra. covering up in the sun is only smart! 🙂

  • David Kantey says:

    Who did the great music track ?

  • Birch Bay Surf Club says:

    Nice shots man, the cove, launiupoko, all fun spots, I miss maui, great place to live and surf. props to 808 sup rentals, always use them when I am back on the island visiting friends.

  • Paul Brendel says:

    Fun to watch, nice narration.

  • Jeremy McNeil says:

    Great video man – heading back in July and you have me totally pumped about getting out there on the SUP and attempting the waves again. As a Calgary guy I don't get a lot of opportunity, but love it when I do. Something awesome about your video and the vibe you set that really sums up how awesome it is out there.

  • YOUNGNSON says:

    Awesome video. Nice meeting you this morning. Bill and Dave

  • HR Burrell says:

    Clay how do you like transitioning into surfing stance from a neutral stance vs a staggered stance? I haven't had much luck catching waves in a neutral "paddle" stance unless they are very small, I have found that I have to be in a staggered semi surf stance with anything over a couple of feet or I will usually eat it because I can't transition fast enough. the waves here on the gulf of mexico are mainly wind driven chop and dump very fast so you don't get much time to get into position before they break.

  • BumHaven says:

    Great video. Highly recommend 808 as well. I surf this spot when I take the family in the summer as Launiupoko tends to get too crowded. Tried foiling for the first time in July of this year between Pua and Launiupoko and spent most of the time in the water.

  • Jeremy Benhamroun says:

    I relate to this a lot

  • David Wiese says:

    I used to Windsurf Maui (Spreks and some Hookipa), but didn't really SUP much in those days.  Took my SUP there last time.  got to do S-Turns over near Lahaina.  But  . . . Where are these spots?  Are these northshore?  Dying to know for next time that I got over there.  Especially that place with lots of other SUP guys – being friendly!  I used to surf Shark Pit on the south side of Lahaina.  but I don't think that they would be friendly to SUPs out there.

  • Algarve SUP says:

    Clay, I love how relaxed your music and narration is. It's a great feel and strangely compelling to watch.

  • Madeleine King says:

    Clay, your vids are just terrific! The footage and your casual commentary are just great. So, it looks like you're at two different spots in this video? Pray tell, which ones? Keep it up, great stuff!

  • DoctorShrink says:

    What I like about your videos is that your narration is relaxed and calming. It really is in the spirit of surfing that most of us should have. Fun without dangerous impulsivity. No aggression or ego. Thoughtful experimentation to better understand your boards and conditions so that you can have even more fun. Totally opposite to the testosterone driven, impulsive, thrill seeking and mindless aggression that many surfers have toward their sport and to each other. It's fully possible to have a fantastic day surfing on average waves without dropping 20 ft, holding your breath for 2 mins under white water, scraping reefs and throwing punches. If more surfers had your attitude then surfing would be a lot more fun for a lot more surfers. Thanks for your videos. I really enjoy them.

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