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Hikes, Sand, and Sun: Mahalo, Maui

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I have to come clean about something. People had thrown the word “magical” around quite a bit when describing Hawaii, and I sneered a bit. I thought, “I mean, it’s probably pretty cool, but let’s relax a bit with the ‘magical’ talk”. Well, I stand before you corrected and humbled. Maui is everything as advertised and more. Hopefully this video give you a sense of the wonder and “magic” we experienced on the little island in the sun. Mahalo!

If you’d like to see where we went along the way, check out our list of locations here: https://goo.gl/maps/QQWsv9r4MT42

Personal favorites:
– Waihee Ridge Trail
– Nalu’s South Shore Grill
– Kaihalulu Beach
– Haleakala National Park

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