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Cliff Jumping Off Secret Waterfalls | Hawaii in 4K

By November 27, 2016 20 Comments

One of our favorites from our friend at Adrenaline Addiction on YouTube.

First adventure in Maui, Hawaii! We hiked/swam/climbed to 7 remote waterfalls with the purpose of jumping off them! Super amazing time cliff jumping despite the cold, rainy weather. Subscribe for more Hawaii fun! (ring bell to receive upload notifications!)

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Filmed and edited by: Chase Reinford
Additional filming by: Jake Bertholot (@jakeofalltrades88)
Jay Faraj (@jayfaraj)

Music by: Arc North
First song – Arc North – Heroic
Second song – Arc North – Lost Time
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(Filmed mainly with a GoPro Hero5)

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  • Dimitri M says:

    Epic Cliff jumps , beautiful paysage and gorgeous ass ur videos are perfect !

  • Ashley McNeely says:

    From one Cliff junkie to another!! Not seen the WV, in any cliff jumps. One of many dope bride jumps you jump off a bridge with the New River Gorge bridge in background.. Many cliff jumps.. just got a script for your channel been watching all night got me pumped for good weather.. Congrats Bro

  • Joe Gregg says:

    Man I really want to do stuff like that I don't really do stuff like that just to stay home and take care of my sick mom but it looks really cool and I really wish I could do stuff like that

  • Joe Gregg says:

    So are you guys going to be traveling to Montana and stuff too and I will try and do that but there's really not that many waterfalls here

  • GOAT1760 says:

    i really wanna slap that ass

  • Valter Andrade says:

    I notice ur really passion is watching asses well mine too

  • rjb/islandStudios says:

    These so-called "secret" spots are only unknown to tourists. I hate how this place is becoming better known as people are continuously trampling over it. There was a time 5 years ago when you couldn't walk along the edges, but you had to climb and swim across every pool to reach the Emerald pool.

  • Dennis Rodriguez says:

    wow, this was an expedition cliff to even get too, epic.

  • Broxty says:

    Man girls are showing more and more of their asses in bikinis. I guess they're the girls you don't take home to mom. Call me old fashioned but I don't want my wife showing her asshole to the whole world.

  • Bay Reef says:

    yup. subbed

  • ᒎᗝᛕ ǤᗩᗰᎥᑎǤ says:

    That ass be poppin

  • Arvind kumar says:


  • Spencer Mitchell says:

    No one sees the huge ass alligator at 4:56???

  • Daniel Nogareda says:

    You're living my dream! Keep up with the good stuff man, love the videos

  • Naveh Ohana says:

    What the FUCK?? THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!

  • Fashion & Art says:

    how you guys determine that this place is suitable for cliff jumping and free from any dangers

  • Liam Kuchta says:

    3:51 thank me later

  • Playstation Gamer? says:

    Yo chase your girls ass is pretty nice. You travel around the U.S and jump off cliffs with your friends and camp out all the time. The life you're living is what everyone wants to, so live for all of us and appreciate it because your 1 in a million.

  • Hunter X says:

    What magic bullets looks CC u use?

  • krishna singh says:

    jason statham

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