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A Morning at Jaws Maui – Jan 25th 2017

By January 25, 2017 7 Comments

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  • Matthew Evans says:

    i really like these. you can feel the nerves during the initial jump off and paddle

  • chulieho says:

    great to see some jaws thanks

  • Peter Charlesworth says:

    Gnarly – old mate in yellow was gassed ⛽️

  • Kirk says:

    The tow guy gets fuckin worked

  • Edmund Snyder says:

    6:50 yeeeewwww????

  • Onnion France says:

    Great video thank you. I was a 90s windsurfer Kanaha, Sprecks, Camp One..never the nerve to go out at Hookipa. Jaws looks like really no fun. The tow ride looks awesome but all that effort and jetski. The surf guys look exhausted and again for a 5 second ride. Body boarders pioneered Jaws, but guys like Rush Randle, Dave Kalama, Robbie Nash along with Laird really took the place to the next level based on a lot of windsurfing strap and board DNA. I recently visited Pipe which was jaw dropping. Have to see Peahi next time I got to Maui-although I am now in love with Kauai. Great video–thanks again. Gives a very real non
    pumped up energy drink view of what it's like there.

  • Tim Barry says:

    Why don't they eskimo roll rather than ditch their boards when paddling out?

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