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A Day in Our Maui Life – Hana Red Sand Beach Hike with My Visiting Family!

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“Road to Rainbows & Butterflies: The Story of a Family Who Sold Everything and Moved to Hawaii”

Follow our journey as our family sells everything we own, ships our car to Maui, buys one way plane tickets, says good bye to our families, and sets out to chase a dream.

This isn’t exactly a book about moving to Hawaii. It’s a book about life. It’s about life’s ups and downs, and about the emotions a person goes through when they leave their comfort zone. This book is about following a dream. I talk about what it was like looking for a new job, a house, and how our family made it work even though we didn’t have many resources. This book is over 100 pages of journals I wrote from the time we got to Maui until we settled into the island life six months later. It also includes a “Moving to Hawaii
Q & A” section. *Digital download

CHILDREN’S STORY BOOK – about imaginary fruit and island life: http://www.itsallwaysbeautiful.com/bookstore

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Order of Use: “Spring in my Step” by Silent Partner. “This is life here” by Paul Izak & Del Sol by Tropical Love

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