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maui hikes: the bamboo forest

By April 8, 2016 24 Comments

today i have a prime example of maui life, starting things off at the beach and then heading to a multi-waterfall filled hike through the bamboo forest. and then, of course, back to another beach for sunset. all the while enjoying some of the best herb that maui has to offer. cheers world, happy day (:

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  • Ryan Trimmer says:

    Weed is a mild hallucinogen.

  • Danny Bond says:

    audio much better 🙂 thanks for an amazing video Paul… stay stoney 😀

  • Danny Bond says:

    sorry for comment spam but I just wanna say you achieved what feel you wanted, I felt like I was actually in the forest with you, good quality camera and all that stuff,for 420 I'm going to be high, that's all I know haha :)Paul how would you describe Maui in 2 words?… the end of the video brought peace and tranquillity to my mind

  • SunShineSamurai says:

    420 this year afew of my friends and i are gonna watch a tokindaily marathon and smoke till we pass out cheers

  • 805fillmore says:

    If someone came from the mainland what are some (maui/ hawaii in general) spots to visit?

  • David James says:

    Maui has beguiled you like a beautiful woman and you are totally smitten !!!!!!! CHAIRZ !!!!!

  • Dimension extensions says:

    I bet you can find a ton of cool crystals on that beach. looks like a bunch of quartz everywere

  • James T43 says:

    you are very fortunate to live in such a place

  • Cameron Puls says:

    virtual hit best idea haha

  • Maui Eclipse says:

    Great Information, Thank You For Your Videos

  • Nigel Thornbury says:

    Officially quitting weed today testosterone levels are low as fuck and my lungs are junk. So long ganja:/

  • Nigel Thornbury says:

    Just haven't been feeling good in general.

  • tiffanysd925 says:

    Sup bro, I love this video, its so cool and chill, but jammed packed full of info! Its one more piece to help me prep for my move to beautiful Maui! Thanks ;-D

  • Louis M says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Kim Mcmurray says:

    Thank you for the most beautiful  videos and please enjoy your vacation and create some great memories.

  • Dan Wheeler Photography says:

    Lovethevideo! I am heading there in June will be staying in Hana and want to hike the bamboo forest how do you get there from Hana? Any help would be great thanks

  • Drone Hikers says:

    Awesome, we need to hike Maui!!

  • Senna Leith says:

    Great video! Bamboo forest is always good. I just made a new video with GoPro going around to some awesome spots on Maui, it would be rad if you could check it out! Aloha.

  • Randy Brush says:

    What..! No Bamboo Bong..?!

  • erek page says:

    Paul! Don't be nervous or feel silly when you're babbling on videos like this 😉 i'm almost 100% positive that i'm not the only person that truly enjoys listening to you chat with us, burn bowls, & babble. chairs buddy! peace/love&hippie drugs (~):})

  • Traeiu says:

    Haha, this is crazy dud, I was living in Maui hiking at this same spot every day with my dog when I started watching your vids. I left many comments telling you to come check out maui and you just so happen to do so and also go to my favorite spot. The irony gets every crazier when I tell you I moved to Colorado after I lived in maui. TRADED SPOTS YO

  • kaya dreams says:


  • Russell Mauldin says:

    can I come spend 2 weeks with you.

  • Robert Lefebvre says:

    I'm coming sep1st and would enjoy a medicated tour of Maui if possible!

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