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Where to Stay on Maui, Hawaii: Wailea vs Kaanapali | How to Pick the Place Right for You

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This debate gets heated in the forums, where to stay on Maui – Wailea or Kaanapali? You are in the right place because we’re breaking down the pros and cons of where to stay on Maui!

Do you want a luxury Maui vacation? Do you want more nightlife? Are you looking for the best snorkeling on Maui? Do you want to stay in a vacation rental or resort? These are the types of questions we answer when it comes to where to stay on Maui.

There is no right answer because it depends on what type of Hawaii vacation you are looking to have with your friend(s), partner, or family.

Wailea and Kaanapali are the main resort areas on Maui, Hawaii. And for good reason. They have the best beaches, snorkeling coves, and weather on the island.

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Where to Stay on Maui: Kaanapali or Wailea
00:00 Intro
00:50 Where is Kaanapali and Wailea located on Maui?
01:48 The best weather
02:38 The best beaches
03:56 The best sunsets
04:13 The best snorkeling spots
04:58 The best nightlife and happy hours
05:44 The best resorts and vacation rentals (prices)
07:33 Jordan and Erica’s favorite place to stay

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