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Where to Snorkel on Maui, Hawaii | Top 5 Maui Snorkel Spots + Where the Locals Love to Go

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Here are the top 5 spots for snorkeling on Maui, in our humble opinion. Plus we share 7 tips for snorkeling on Maui and 2 places the locals love to snorkel.

This is where you need to snorkel on Maui!

Erica and I love to snorkel. Since it was one of the few things to do in 2020 in Hawaii, we go a lot. After combing all the famous and not-so-famous #Maui snorkel beaches, we whittled down the list to our top 5.

Maui gets expensive but snorkeling is always free or cheap if you have to rent snorkel equipment. That is why we always recommend jumping in the many bays and coves around Maui for great snorkeling.

Stay till the end as we share 2 snorkel places that Maui locals love to visit. If you are looking for something different on your Maui vacation, try these snorkel locations and you will not be disappointed.

We drop-in our 7 tips on snorkeling in Maui throughout the video. These tips will make sure you fully experience the epic snorkeling Maui has to offer. Because we believe Maui is the best Hawaiian Island for snorkeling. Oahu is a close second but Maui has so many more locations and fewer people.

Links Mentioned:
Maui Snorkel Report from the Snorkel Store: https://thesnorkelstore.com/maui-snorkeling-conditions-reports/
Kayak Olowalu: https://www.kayakolowalu.com
5 Best Snorkeling Places on Maui: https://thehawaiivacationguide.com/best-snorkeling-places-on-maui/

Top 5 Snorkel Spots on Maui
00:00 Intro
00:21 Where is the best snorkeling on Maui?
00:45 Our ranking factors for the best snorkeling spots on Maui
01:51 Spot #5. Honolua Bay (North West Maui)
03:19 Spot #4. Napili Bay and Honokeana Cove (North West Maui)
04:36 Spot #3. Makena Landing (Turtle Town) (South Maui)
05:57 Spot #2. Kapalua Bay (North West Maui)
06:58 Spot #1. Black Rock at Kaanapali (West Maui)
08:04 Locals’ Bonus Spot: Olowalu Reef
08:54 Locals’ Bonus Spot: Ahihi-Kina’u

Maui Snorkeling Tips:
Tip 1. All beaches in Hawaii are public
Tip 2. Sign up for the Snorkel Report email
Tip 3. Stay to the sides of bay for sea turtles
Tip 4. Snorkel in the morning to avoid the trade winds
Tip 5. Arrive before 10am for easy parking
Tip 6. Listen for whale songs when snorkeling
Tip 7. Wear sun-protective clothing and mineral-based sunscreen

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