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Treasure Hidden at Na'ili'ili-haele Four Waterfalls Hike | Maui, Hawaii

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This was THE coolest hike/adventure we did on Maui! Best adventure AND we hid a treasure along the path. This hike is on the Island of Maui, Hawaii called Na’ili’ili-haele Four Waterfalls Hike. This is a pretty advanced hike. You will need good waterproof hiking shoes and waterproof containers for keys, phones etc. Plan on a couple of hours.

(This was filmed before lockdown in case anyone is concerned;)

If you want to go to the final waterfall, know that everything on you will get wet haha.

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If you find our treasure, replace what is inside the box with another treasure and place the box back in it’s hiding place for others to find it. Then send us pictures or a video of you finding it and email us at [email protected] to be featured in one of our videos.

For more videos and treasure maps of treasures we have hidden at sea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu6J3…

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About TripNdive:
We are a family of scuba divers and wanted to add a little fun to our scuba adventures. We hide treasures underwater (and on land). We hope you will play along and replace what you find inside the treasure box so we can keep the treasure hunt going for as many people as possible. It’s been a blast hiding treasures and getting pictures and videos from people who have found our treasures. Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?

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