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THE ROAD TO HANA | Top 5 Stops | Everything you need to know!

By May 16, 2019 41 Comments

Here are my top 5 stops to see on the Road to Hana including Black Sand Beach, Red Sand Beach, the Seven Sacred Pools and much more!

I also discuss what the Road to Hana is, what you’ll need to bring on your trip, and how to plan out your schedule.

What is the Road to Hana (00:34)

What to Bring (01:29)
– GyPSy Guide App (01:40): https://bit.ly/2IKf4wn
– Car Charger (02:42): https://amzn.to/2Qfs6qZ
– Water Shoes (02:50): https://amzn.to/2VGHiDi

Top 5 Stops (03:07)
– Garden of Eden (03:20)
– Waiʻanapanapa State Park (04:15)
– Red Sand Beach (05:28)
– Wailua Falls (07:28)
– Kīpahulu – Haleakalā National Park (08:27)

How to Plan the Trip (11:03)
– Hana VRBO (12:06): https://bit.ly/2VM0n7j

Footage on:
GoPro Hero5 Black
iPhone 7
DJI Mavic Air

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  • Great video footages of the beautiful place Hana. There are some things I do not agree (personal preferences I guess), and some of my fav spots you missed 🙂 but for the most part, your tips are right on 🙂 Mahalo!

  • davegoldsf says:

    Great video. Well done, good camera work, very helpful. Thanks!

  • Wendy Islas says:

    Very much appreciated this video! Beautiful! Thank you!

  • Rogue Koala says:

    Was there this past April 🙂 Took the Road to Hana…..it was AWESOME =)

  • Barnali D says:

    This is a fun video! The road to Hana is beautiful.
    I went last year on a tour (ie. Tour bus with a crowd of tourists). We were able to go all the way around, where there were desert places with wild goats and it was just a totally different experience from the rest of the day. I know rental cars are prohibited from accessing that road though. So, for some of the viewers, don't be sad you're part of a crowd, take a tour also, see the other side. You'll also get to experience the sunset.

  • Yoen Yoen says:

    if you have car sick better don't do this activity … road to narrow and to long way, not good

  • simba nguyen says:

    Thanks! Great guide.

  • Kaulana V says:

    Hāna is already too crowded. Why post a video that attracts more traffic and pollutes its beauty? If you want to do right by these special places, remove the video. Mahalo

  • ok..here's my plan…drive straight to Hana from Paia (maybe one stop) then work our way back and see the stops in reverse (rental says no off roading). watcha think? we plan on splitting the drive to 2 days. just so we dont have to be worried about getting home too late and rushing. awesome video btw…the best one yet. ty!

  • Planning to fly a drone but we only have the tello. How was the wind condition? Thanks in advance!

  • Glad Esco says:

    awesome video! tx Please share details about your house rental. How much per night? any housing tips?

  • Praise to our Father God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ for a wonderful creation ????❤️???????????????????????? Repent, Forgive, believe in the Gospel

  • Thanks so much for your video! We have someone in our party who's in a wheelchair – do you know if the spots you mentioned, Garden of Eden, Wai'anapanapa State Park and Makahiku falls/Bamboo Forest/Waimoku Falls are wheelchair accessible?

  • Jim G says:

    Don’t try to rush this adventure. There is not a lot to see and do in Hana, itself. This is an example of the journey being the destination. Take your time and enjoy it.

  • Risser Fam7 says:

    Going to visit in a couple weeks (Oct. 2019) really want to see waterfalls and the black sand beaches…we are only there 2.5 days, so not sure we want to do the entire road, but wondered if part of it is still worth it?? How far is the black sand beach from OGG?

  • Annie Kautz says:

    Great video! Were mosquitos an issue for you? ????????

  • Laurel J. says:

    Awesome video!! I have been to Maui many times and never thought of really enjoying Hana by spending the night there, such a great suggestion!! Mahalo nui loa for a great job!!

  • I used to hitch this road every other day. It's not fun walking down

  • Scrappicat says:

    Awesome video! We stayed in Hana for two nights at this awesome tiny house. We used the app and it was great. Highly recommend staying in Hana. So much more relaxing. We loved the black sand beach and spent lots of time there. We even saw a surfing competition in another spot and that was super fun to watch.

  • Hi! Awesome video???? very helpful, thanks!!! Could you please share some insights on: 1. Where did you rent the Jeep? Any tips on car rental? 2. Which tour did you take on that catamaran? Any additional tips are more than welcome I am going in a few weeks from now with the hubby ????

  • I'll keep this in mind next year when planning my trip! Thank you so much for sharing

  • Alex Anthony says:

    Sounds like a waste of time to me????????????… heard the trip takes 6-10 hours. Im trying to relax not spend 4 hours in a van with 4 other people I dont know or like. Ill be sippin mai tais on the beach and playing golf????????

  • That's too bad.us locals born and raised.cant enjoy these wonderful places without ignorant disrespectful tourist ruining its beauty.ive been to all 5 and always interrupted.thanks guys

  • Travis Tea says:

    Love your video!! It inspired my trip to Maui/ my new Vlog! Thank you!

  • Is this considered the back side of Hana?

  • mike sutton says:

    Oprah Winfrey and Carol Burnett live in Hana !

  • You make this great video among others from other people and us locals especially native hawaiians are really angry. TOO MANY people are overcrowding our streets, too many hotels, resturants, and so on. The way our streets and beaches are trashed is terrible and a health risk. Tourists are for some reason VERY mean to us Hawaiians. Like we did something so wrong to them when this ISN'T there home. Most tourists come here, then leave quick without any regard to our culture, land, and people. We have to pay the penalty for all the mistakes tourists make and then the government does nothing to help but just want more money and bring more tourists. You guys constantly using our Hana road is some wonderful mysterious trip to wonderland, perhaps…but truth is you come and go and know absolutely nothing about us Hawaiians, our island, or respect it. Not to group everyone together but it's mostly what I see. Most tourists are overcrowding us here on Maui. We can't handle it anymore! This isn't a tourist destination! It's home to us Hawaiians. You'll be more warmly welcomed with a better experience if you get to know our culture before you get here, and respect our land by not trashing it or clogging up the road to Hana or our volcano mountain. Everyone wants to drive so fast, someone will get hurt or possibly lose their life because of someone trying to hurry up OR down the hills. It's not right. It's not safe. It's not okay.

  • I disagree that this is "everything" you need to know. You barely scratched the surface. Most people are only going to dedicate one day to the road to Hana, so suggesting that it's a 3 day trip makes a lot of people shy away from it. Especially since you only did 5 stops for the whole 3 days! When I went, I had read the guidebook, Maui Revealed, and it told me about some wonderful spots that I would not have known about otherwise. I loaned out the book and never got it back, but was able to find another copy at Goodwill to replace it (minus all my highlights and notes). While your video had some useful information, I would suggest that most people watch many videos on Maui before deciding on what stops are best for you and your level of fitness. We did the trip in one day and made tons of stops to some gorgeous waterfalls and beaches. Your video footage is okay, but it's obvious that you're still learning. No worries there….ya gotta start somewhere!

  • David Mahle says:

    Dude that was awesome! We went twice last year and stayed in Hannah and did he pretty much exactly what you said 🙂

  • frawldog says:

    I've dine rhe loop twice. It's amazing

  • Rick Jones says:

    I was excited to know George Harrison’s estate was near mile 21, or was it 31?????????????????

  • I re-watched this several times and felt that I should leave a comment again. This is the best Road To Hana video I have seen on Youtube so far. You didn't cover everything but what you covered is great/enough. I like your style too – calm and not too many effects like other videos I see.
    Mahalo for sharing! – Liza, a Kamaaina on Maui

  • Boya Fu says:

    Thank you so much

  • wainapanapa, oof. if you tourists get flustered trying to say that or find it, just call it black sand beach.. all the locals will know where you want to go.

  • Tim Moffat says:

    Great video and tips. But dont miss driving all the way around. Some of the best spots and views are on the south section back around. Doing it all in 1 day is fine but takes 12 hours with stops. Ps leave the kids behind for this trip

  • What company did you use to rent the Jeep? I’m definitely thinking of doing this for my week long stay

  • The only thing I can add is time your trip to catch that beautiful sunset on your lap around the road to Hana. I captured it by luck but chances are you won’t. It is a stunning view to remember sunset is usually 5:305:45 leave that national park around 4:30 you should catch it just like I did.

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