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The Best Hike on Maui: Haleakala Sunrise + Sliding Sands Trail + How to Get A Sunrise Permit

By February 25, 2021 15 Comments

Looking for the absolute best hike on Maui? A Haleakala summit sunrise followed by the Haleakala Sliding Sands trail will not disappoint!

If there is only one hike you are going to do on Maui, this has to be it. But, to see the Haleakala sunrise, you will need a permit to reserve your spot, and these sell out in less than a second. To make sure you successfully snag yours, we’re showing you how to get a Haleakala sunrise permit at the end of the video.

Definitely don’t pass up the chance to hike or trail run down into the Haleakala crater on the Sliding Sands trail. We highly recommend not just turning around and hiking back up the way you came once you reach the end of the Sliding Sands. For the most epic hike (and some of our favorite views of the entire day) follow the loop we outline here along the Foot Trail and around the Gulch.

Seriously, between seeing one of the best sunrises of our lives and adventuring through the brilliant changing colors and clouds of the Haleakala volcano, this has to be the best hike on maui!

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