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Runners caught in FREAK storm on Maui's Lahaina Pali Trail

By March 18, 2021 15 Comments

Ah, Maui’s beautiful coastal Lahaina Pali hike at sunset… it will be serene, right? WRONG. Watch what happens when two runners think they are setting out on the Lahaina Pali trail in Maui for a glorious sunset trail run, and instead get caught in an insane wind and rain storm, with 40-50 mph gale force winds.

It may have been rough, and one of the most dangerous hikes we’ve done to date, but the Lahaina Pali trail has got to be one of the best hikes on Maui! Don’t miss it for a sunset hike, just try not to go when the winds are threatening to blow you off the mountain and the rain isn’t slapping you like it’s hail falling from the sky.

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