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Road To Hana TRAVEL VLOG | Black Sand Beach, Bamboo Forest & Waterfalls!

By February 4, 2019 13 Comments

I hope you love this vlog from our experience driving the Road to Hana. It was one of the best experiences on Maui I have ever had, and I’m so excited to share it with you today!
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Cameron Phillips is a young #travelfilmmaker on a quest to adventure the world, and he is bringing his fans with him. Viewers can get lost as he brings them along on his food-filled, champagne-christened, surreal journey, visiting #beautifuldestinations around the globe. Cameron’s content features #traveltips, food exploration, must see landmarks, ridiculous travel situations, and more. Cameron’s fans will have no issue catching his wanderlust from his amazing travelogue. He has become a beloved partner to domestic and foreign tourism boards, and has traveled everywhere from Virginia to Thailand, and Canada to Sweden, working as a brand ambassador.

In this travel vlog from the Road to Hana, Cameron Phillips and Brandon Papo go on a 13 hour journey to experience one of the best drives in the world. On the drive they encounter waterfalls, the black sand beach, and much more!

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Join the discussion 13 Comments

  • This is ???? Cameron! Keep up the great work! ????????

  • Barry Papo says:

    Great job Cameron and Brandon! Wow! Love to order that Banana Bread!

  • Iman says:

    I freaking love your videos Cameron I've watched that 2 hour Alaska drive like seventeen times

  • Cameron as usual simply stunning. You can make anywhere look beautiful I feel. And Brandon, you are such a character you two are simply amazing together. Love y'all ????

  • Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. One of your best videos ever and the only thing that gave me more life than the scenery was Brandon wearing lace in the rain! That was EVERYTHING! Will be watching this over and over and over. Bravo, Cameron!

  • Did you have any near death experiences on the road to Hana? The locals drive far more quickly than I thought was safe. Lol
    Funny they would not let you drive the rest of the way around…the road is way better after Hana. Loved the video….I have a video from the drive as well if you want to see the rest of the road.
    Thanks for the great blogs

  • Oh…you missed the Maui winery on the back way home from Hana. It's a great place if you get back.

  • We used the same guided tour too. It was so good. Tried to find something similar for driving the Pacific Coast Highway but couldn't :-(. What a shame about the rain. But like you said no controlling it. We had friends spend 2 weeks in Oahu last April and it rained almost the whole time they were there :-(.

  • Ashley Grace says:

    I wish you guys had gone on the hike through the bamboo forest! I think you would have been so excited, you have to climb ropes and swim up a stream to get to this amazing secluded cove with a waterfall or Venus pools would have been absolutely amazing for some natural sea pools

    If you guys go east of Kaanapali toward kahana and further that drive is incredible and so much less traffic and amazing natural pools well call olivine pools! Hope you’re enjoying yourselves❤️❤️

  • Eden Sam says:

    Wow ???? that was soooo amazing !!
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us !!!
    Love ❤️ it !!!
    When I go to Maui I need to do this Road to Hana !!!
    Will do everything you guys did !!!

  • John Dillon says:

    @cameronphillips another awesome travel vlog….you and Brandon need a TV show on BRAVO Stat! You are hilarious together…..

  • Liking the video footage and you have done a perfect job on the edit! If you have time let me know what you think of my latest video just need some feedback! ????

  • carableu says:

    Gorgeous vid (as always), and you and Brandon are hilarious!

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