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Quarantine in Maui windsurfing April 2020 | Ricardo Campello #stayhome #windsurfing #maui #surf

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Crashes , Big waves At la Perouse , Jumps , Wild animals Go pro shots and the best , my new 2020 Naish Equipment !

Stay Home and Enjoy 3 minutes of windsurfing Action

if you are bored home and you love windsurfing you will like this video , fortunately in hawaii we are still allow to go to the water with social distancing .

watch it , love , hate it and most importantly enjoy it . if you do like it please share it so your friends can enjoy it too and make sure you subscribe to my channel !

Remember Keep Calm and Stay positive ! Aloha

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I am a Brazilian born professional windsurfer. I moved to Venezuela when I was a child and began professional windsurfer. My passion drove me to become three-time world freestyle champion in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

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