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NESARA – Part 7 – Things are happening!

By March 20, 2020 42 Comments

– Student Loans (Fed funded) are suspended for at least 60 days
– UK paying up to $2500 per person guaranteed salary
– NESARA Proof
– Maui, Hawaii is on lockdown and strict quarantine! No non-essential outings or will get fined $5000 and or 1 year in jail
– Las Vegas Casino empty
– SBA Disaster Relief Loan Link:

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  • I have to quarintine with dirt. I live In west Texas. when I'm not quarintined I'm still stuck with dirt.

  • cjohnsonnav says:

    I have approx $45 student loan balance but the Dept of Education will not waive the interest or suspend nor decrease the loan balance to zilch. Why me. … Lol

  • Philip Brown says:

    There are two possible scenarios that could be behind the current events wee are witnessing. NESARA is one f them and we all hope it's real and comes to fruition but, there is a something else that lines up perfectly with everything that's going on. Some of you may scoff at this but, Nibiru would explain as much or more than anything else.

  • Are those also including the student-Parent Loans too ?

  • Ken Vicknair says:

    Doesn’t help me then… consolidated my student loans years ago and will probably be paying till I’m 80!

  • Love your shows… But I live in a shiity country called canada where even if you have the money to buy food (35%) don't you can't becouse of the hordes that have the money bought everything. On top of that most of our news is owned by American mainstream media so we get all that hate trump crap. Our leaders are all in hiding hoping that thare chef's can get stakes well most of us are waiting for the end of the month to get some food. Oh and don't try to go to the foodbanks because thare closed. I wish that after all is over with this virus this shit hole of a country splits up and become a part of America!

  • Lynda Thull says:

    You do understand this is New age? Not inline with Q or Trump Christianity. Just saying!!

  • Trump has betrayed America and his voters. If this was Bush or Obama we would be buying guns and more guns. The Maga bozos
    Think little hands Trump is a God. Maybe a Q.
    I voted for trump I’m sorry I did

  • Major Tom says:

    Hey SS, love your reports – big fan, and thank you. Re- the NESARA/GESARA debate.What I've pieced together from looking at this whole thing from a wide angle, is this. There is a lot of disinfo surrounding this whole agenda, and it originates in the fact that this whole thing was originally part of the DS play from GHWB days to do (planned to do) a GCR/RV – which was going to be good for [THEM] but bad for us/people. Joe M, has talked/warned abt this also as now being a fake/disinfo narrative being pushed by bad actors and people that have been duped. Remember [she] wasn't suppose to lose – and they had lots of 'great' things planned for when [she] got into office…here's where the sting comes- or the 'switch' up comes into play. So we have a certain momentum building towards this [THEIR] GCR since early 2000s, now Trump is in office and Patriots are in control he's going to do 'his' [OUR] RESET of everything, starting with the financial system to take out their command/control structure then switch to the new economic system that has been built in parallel- in secrecy. When it's switched over we'll see a 'V' curve recovery on the new 'unrigged' or 'level playing field' system. There is trillions on the sidelines waiting to be pumped into the new economy which will create a massive economic boom, like a Marshall Plan or Japan's Economic Miracle. The reset includes a switch to constitutional law and governance and sound money. Many clues in Q posts, and a YT channel 'GITOMO CHANNEL' does a great job connecting Q posts with Russell J Gould /David W Miller & War-Castles 'Quantum mathematical grammar construct' which all ties into what Trump/Q movement are doing with the big RESET- 'Level Playing Filed' for all

  • Thank you for all your digging. Just kicking back waiting to see how this all plays out. I myself never heard of Nesara but I’m going on what you said, though there is a couple of others in play that this whole thing can turn. Don’t get me wrong there are 2 ways it can play out that would be okay with me and that’s Nesara or just Trump getting our country back on track. The 3rd is I have always had this gut feeling that through all the crap Trump has gone through that we could have been played. If the National guards come in and Trump gives up his powers I and my family will be the first in the deep mountains. Lol. They will have a fight trying to take our guns. We see the the guy that keeps us updated on guns. And another reason I’m have a bad feeling is because I do follow the Bible and it does mention we going through a NWO. So if we believe in god then how can we disregard that part in the whole Bible. Anyway that was my though, wanted to share. God Bless and pray for the world. 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🤗

  • This is epic ! VICTORY to the LIGHT !

  • I watched 3 of your videos back to back. How have I not found you before? 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • P J Hunter says:

    Bill Cooper was literally our first Q. I got on the Internet in 1993 just to read the documents of Bill Cooper that was online back then. I got to see him speak in person at least 5 times. Bill did his best to warn us before he was killed. Bill Cooper literally warned us all about 911. Bill was killed in 1999.

  • MacD Qishope says:

    Do you know Kim Goguen? Listen to the Speak project.

  • Julie Potter says:

    Will the stimulus package include people on social security/disability who have spent a lot of money on preparing to hunker down until it's over, or will it just be for workers?

  • C-Vine International “chastised” me for talking about NESARA, saying it’s a myth, misinformation, and fake news. What do you think about this ?

  • Duaine Nye says:

    Thanks for the video great job keep it up times are changing be positive with other people and help when you can we will get through this

  • rita newman says:

    Why does the volume go up and down on these videos? It fades in and out!

  • Olga Raffa says:

    Why is this not just being announced as was first intended in 2001? How do we get this info out, they are hiding it to make it seem they are doing us a favour.

  • john james says:

    Come on, no streaking eithr?! Wow, Maui, not good!

  • Sacred5mokE says:

    Thank you for you're work. It's much appreciated.

  • Holly A says:

    Sounds good but they are installing 5G while everything is closed….I am confused.

  • Peter Lee says:

    Paradise is really on a short leash….your dynamic range of choice is as an island chain……links are welded , not flexing .

  • Ozey UK says:

    12 lefties on here..

  • Peter Lee says:


  • Kat Heron says:

    Thank You so much! The His Story of the USA corporation can be found at War Castles.

  • Hello .. just wondering … if u think we will have diff kind of election. This year … like not president but more like councils — to not have big gov anymore … hoping we can have divine people in charge locally ..dont really feel trump will be in charge once nesara is enacted / activated … he was only here temporarily to drain the swamp… so all of the hype over having to choose from creepy joe and trump is just for show I am guessing….

    . also do u think we will have internet shut down soon ?
    Sounds like before or during april we will have 3 to 10 days shutdown so cabal cant communicate during arrests plus we would be re educated to what is really going on… hoping so… if in april then July 6th would be like 90 days … rather than 120 days…
    Plus there is speculation jfkjrcomingback sometime soon…would guess by July….plus others …

  • Bosuns Mate says:

    Nope sorry no NESARA

  • jack ross says:

    Great work Santa…..many shills are coming forth…..time to keep our faith and SPREAD TRUTH!!!!

  • What are people in Hawaii doing to find conservatives that can beat Hirano and Tulsi???

  • itsazoo says:

    Seems to me like if Trump stood up and said we've arrested all the bad Actors(pun intended) seized all their assets, and we're gonna use it to pay off national debt and restore money to people, all the Bernie Bros., and MOST of the dems who were willing to accept "free stuff" in the name of Communism,excuse me "Democratic" socialism, would be on the Trump train then. Better start producing more yard signs. Trump 2020

  • Santa surfing. This info a great fill in. Great work

  • That's pounds in England

  • Revelation 18:4
    Come out of her my people….
    Come out of confusion.
    Confusion equals Babylon.
    Dark to Light?
    Whose light?

  • surfzombie2 says:

    You mentioned in part 5 I think that. Obama had already been executed. Do you have any proof of that or a reference article?

  • Does Nesara apply to Australia or just America?

  • If you go to dr.john Bergman on YouTube he does a wonderful job on the virus and many many other things . I trust him and he doesn't trust the MD's!

  • joe mac says:

    A friend in Kauai is a carpenter and was told to keep working! (multi million dollar house!) I lived there for 12 years building for the rich and famous! The rich have bought the GGoburment there!!! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yourz Truly says:

    Mark of the beast…who getting this chip?

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