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Maui: Surfing Jaws (Peahi) on a HUGE day, Honolua Bay, and Fleming Beach (2020) Hawaii

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Jaws (Peahi) on Maui Hawaii is one of the biggest waves in the world. When it’s going off, it’s amazing to see to see the surfing. Please note, the HALF-LIFE crew leaves it to the pros, semi-pros, and local surfers at Jaws but as spectators we were able to capture some great clips that we think you’ll love.

Honolua Bay Maui Hawaii is one of the great ‘right’ surf breaks in the world. The setting is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a rare day where the conditions allow for an average surfer to get out. This is an advanced break where local surfers rule the roost. So as always – should you go out there, be sure to show respect to the local surfers, wait for your wave, and enjoy! It was such a thrill to get out on the waves at Honolua two days!

D.T. Fleming Beach Maui is an aggressive shore break so plan for patience on the way out to the surf. The camera angle doesn’t give you an accurate sense for the size of the waves so you’ll just have to trust us that it was big wave surfing.

Regardless of your passion, favorite sport, or hobby – we hope this video inspires you to plan your travel to Hawaii, get out there and get after it. Life and mobility don’t last forever so don’t put the ‘Good-Half’ off.

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