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Maui, Hawaii, USA in 4K Ultra HD

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The beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii …

Main locations in the video: Ho’okipa Beach Park (0:01), Twin Falls (0:28), Road to Hana (0:39), Waikamoi waterfall (1:26), Keanae Lookout (1:39), Upper Waikani Falls (2:38), Pua’a Ka’a Falls (2:58), Waiʻānapanapa State Park – Black Sand Beach (3:21), Wailua Falls (4:11), Pools of ‘Ohe’o & ʻOheʻo Gulch (4:23), Pipiwai Trail (4:44), Falls of Makahiku (4:53), Waimoku Falls (5:41), on road 31 west of Kipahulu Visitor Center (6:18), (6:58), Big Beach-Makena Beach (6:58), Oneuli Beach (7:30), Makena Landing Park (7:36), Po‘olenalena Beach Park (7:55), heliflight over Western Maui (9:03), around Western Maui counterclockwise (9:55), Nakalele Blowhole (10:36), Ka’anapali Beach-Black Rock Beach (10:58), Haleakalā National Park (11:31), Iao Valley State Park (14:15), Lahaina (15:07).

Recorded October 2019 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX700 and DJI Osmo Action.

Sambodhi Prem – Sunlight Rain River – 2 – Sunlight Rain River
Sambodhi Prem – Rose Water Moon – 7 – Splashing in Waterfalls
Sambodhi Prem – Rose Water Moon – 5 – The Watercourse Way
Licensed via ilicensemusic.com
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