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Maui Baby Beach Hawaii Travel Update COVID Testing Homes and Condos for Sale Old Lahaina Luau

By October 8, 2020 45 Comments

Here are the links I mention in the video…

Use Eric As YOUR Real Estate Agent Call/Text 808-298-2030 http://www.HawaiiRealEstate.ORG

Latest Travel Update for State of Hawaii:


“Maui Food Line” Video: https://youtu.be/LOtT1J11Zjc (watch and please share)

Condo ROI Calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KTctbqeFVGhFqqRF2PeAferzVfLDUZuV4QIR3ZOy_kY/edit?usp=sharing

Maui Weeky Market Watch:

Kahoma Village for Sale: (With Video)


Opukea Condos For Sale: (with Video)


Puunoa Estates for Sale: (With Video)


Hoonanea Condos for Sale (with video)



‘Overwhelming’ Need Continues for 30 Emergency Food Distribution Sites in Maui County

PLEASE Donate to Maui Food Bank: http://www.MauiFoodBank.ORG

Maalaea Condos, Land and Homes for Sale:

Visit http://www.HawaiiRealEstate.ORG You can reach Eric at 808.298.2030
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Visit http://www.HawaiiRealEstate.ORG You can reach Eric at 808.298.2030
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  • Pam Davis says:


  • Pattee Gee says:

    Thank you for another awesome video! I agree that the Old Lahaina Luau is the best on Maui! Maybe the best ever! You have shared the many things you enjoy doing on Maui, but it would be great to hear from a woman's perspective what it's like to live on Maui and things for women to do who don't surf, etc. What does your wife enjoy about Maui and what things does she and her women friends like to do? Thank you for considering my questions!

  • Alice Tesei says:

    Frida's is on my list of new places to try.

  • James Lowe says:

    My wife and I have been all over Maui but have never seen this new subdivision near baby beach. I think it would be helpful at the beginning of your videos to show a large map of where you are going to be that day so everyone is clear about the location. Thanks for providing these videos.

  • James Lowe says:

    Aloha Mixed Plate is one of the best places to eat. Great food, super sunsets and very reasonable prices.

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌴🌺🧡

  • Susan Graham says:

    Wow thank you… I really enjoyed this video today, and thank you for showing me baby beach 🏝🦋🇦🇺 Susan

  • Susan Graham says:

    OMG that’s the same way we went to the beach off front Street we were there in May 2017 -18 and the water was see-through . And we called flip-flops thongs. Thank again.

  • Dawn Manthey says:

    I can hear the birds…😎

  • Thank you Eric
    I'm donating today🙏🏻💪🏼

  • URA Badass says:

    ERIC! Hope you're well! Can you show this property – 707 Puniawa Rd
    Haiku, HI 96708. — As an artist and painter – that sounds like a DREAM property – I think it will get A LOT of views!

  • Thank you for the video! How about Kaanapali Beach Club? I have a timeshare there and love it, but the beach seems to be shrinking. Would love some feedback from a local on the entire place. Also, any advice on traveling alone as a woman? I end up staying close to the hotel every time, just to be safe, and I know I am missing out. Would love some ideas. Thanks again!

  • URA Badass says:

    OMG – the rooster sounds in the background BROUGHT ME BACK! I miss it!

  • Hey Eric! You are covering all of my old stomping grounds! Actually, Mala Warf (as it was known in the early 80's) was damaged by a barge that had broken loose during the hurricane and lodged itself into the side of it! My wife and I made our PADI Certification dive there! Oh yeah, saw you commercial for Jawzrsize yesterday! Yep, it's still floating around! And the annual Japanese Bon Dance was held there too!

  • Eric, can you “one wheel it” by the area where Feast of Le Le holds their luaus? My wife and I have good memories of celebrating our 32nd anniversary there.

  • CALTECH007 says:

    Never been to Baby Beach but we have been to Mala Tavern many many times and I see they are close. Surprising how you can visit 18 times and still miss some interesting things.

  • The roosters continue to add to your live videos 😂😂

  • CALTECH007 says:

    One of the best eating places is also nearby and that is Honu and is as good as Mama's. We would eat at Nonu every Sunday morning for a great treat.

  • Mary Mathis says:

    Yeah for Fridas being open! Never have been to baby beach, have heard good reports so now I know we will definitely get there this time in January Thanks Eric

  • CALTECH007 says:

    Thanks for taking me to all the places I miss!!!

  • Gee Xiong says:

    Do you know if there's any tiny home properties there in Maui or what are the regulations regarding putting a tiny home on properties there?

  • Gee Xiong says:

    We love "The Feast at Lele"…..awesome luau!

  • Gee Xiong says:

    We also love the fish & chips at Eskimo Candy in Kihei. Best on the island we think.

  • Captain Steve’s Rafting runs great whale watches and snorkeling trips from Mala Ramp. We’ve gone out with them annually for years and highly recommend them!

  • John keim says:

    You lost me with your liberal leanings and begging. If I want to donate to worthy causes I do it, and believe me I do it. I do not need to be coached to give my hard earned money away. I chased airplanes for 32 years before retiring. Played golf at Kapalua, and Royal Kaanapali stayed at the Westin.

  • elaine noren says:

    Eric thanks for showing baby beach. My husband and I love it. We made a donation to the food bank last week. Thanks for bringing long food lines of Maui residents to our attention.

  • Bre H says:

    Do those restaurants deliver to Vegas? 🤤😃 it's lunch time and I am hungry. 😅🍴

  • James Suter says:

    Love Mala wharf, plenty of fond memories from way back before in was all torn up. Easy diving there and lots to see.

  • A true paradise. Thanks for another tour Eric.🙂

  • Drift says:

    Love the channel Eric, your videos are the next best thing to actually being there. Great job raising awareness of the food shortage in the islands, my heart goes out to all of those people who have been put through the ringer for the last six months.

  • Highway 340. I drove it in a full size Impala. Fun but challenging… Not recommended for “Flatlanders.”

  • O Q says:

    Hey so if I go to Oahu for 5 days then want to go to maui I have to quarantine?

  • My fiance and I are getting married at baby beach on 10/27! It was suppose to be 6/18 but damn Covid! Can't wait to get back to Maui. We love it

  • Tom Makowski says:

    Loved your video, Eric. Brought huge memories for me. In the fall of 1971, yep, almost 50 years ago, I was traveling around the Islands, footloose and fancy free, with only my sleeping bag and a bag of a change of cloths. I slept on the end of the Pier just down from the church on the corner. Pier was still intact during those days. I didn't sleep a wink. I was scared to death that the locals would see me there and throw me into the water all zipped up in my sleeping bag. But I'm here to testify that it didn't pan out that way. I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for the video.

  • Diver M says:

    Great videos but keep them shorter.

  • I used to walk baby beach and I was there when Iniki hit and damaged Mala wharf.
    Thanks for the videos.

  • Janet Taylor says:

    What a trip down memory lane. Took our grandkids to baby beach using your last access did and not realize there were 2 other ways. Great beach Great video

  • Janet Taylor says:

    The Old Lahaina Luau is the best!!!!!

  • ▶ Use Eric As YOUR Real Estate Agent Call/Text 808-298-2030 http://www.HawaiiRealEstate.ORG AND Get Your ALOHA ON with my clothing collection http://www.iPracticeAloha.com 🌈 Mahalo for your Support!

  • stecks12 says:

    Thanks so much for showing all 3 access points to Baby beach. I only knew of the middle one. Also, Aloha Mixed Plate will temporarily become Star Noodle in order to give Star Noodle a better location.

  • Aloha Eric! Why doin’t they fix this pier, or do they plan to repair it in the future! Videos are great taking lots of screen shots of areas you recommend to stay! Among the great beaches. Thank you for the amazing videos. Maui food line video! 🤟

  • Brooke says:

    My husband and I usually come to Maui every year. We live in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula near Homer.
    My husband works so hard and the one thing that makes him happy is to put his toes in the sand, thaw out in that Maui sunshine. I kid when I say I get a really great date once a year with him and it’s when we are there. It’s vacation time for him going on the second year of not coming. We would be on a plane in a heartbeat if we felt welcome to come again. With all the hoops there seems to be to travel there and the fact that we have understood that we would have to be quarantined for the length of our vacation as well as the news we have heard about the powers that be there have been treating outsiders poorly such as the police(may be on a different island and just bits and pieces nothing concrete as proof) we have just not known if we were welcome to come. We usually rent a condo or stay at a resort, we eat out at the restaurants, I do a lot of shopping, get my hair and nails done while the husband actually RELAXES by the pool with cocktails.. then we go out to enjoy food and drinks or bbq if at a condo.. of course the car rental too… we miss coming and want to come in a few weeks if it were possible. Please advise
    Thank you, Mahalo🤙

  • Surge World says:

    Really like the tour!

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