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* Kalalau Trail (with drone!) – Top 10 most dangerous hikes? KAUAI (06:00) (wrj56)

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(c) William Jans (*please subscribe so I can create more!) Join Vancouver photographer / adventurer William Jans’ wee jaunt on the amazing Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast in Kauai. The start date of Dec 8 was vexed with both a Flash Flood warning and Tsunami warning. Both must have abated since hikers were allowed to continue. Hiking in winter means MUDDY! But this is still a great adventure. If you choose to do this, please be respectful of these lands deemed sacred by the Hawaiian and of course be prepared (!) and heed warnings and pay for permits too of course! (*note this is (c) William Jans. Do not copy or repost any without permission).

Filmed, edited and created by William Jans with 1 drone, 4 video cameras and 1 pro DSLR camera for stills. All gear and no clothes = 1 stinky William.

Credits at the end to thank the great new friends I met along the way. Some of these amazing folks were kind enough to participate and some were super kind in loaning me battery chargers when some of my many batteries went kaput.

Thanks for helping this get more than the 4800 views goal on this! (that is 10% of 48,000 footsteps it took to complete this 37km trip).

This looks kind of “Wow” on big screen if you have 🙂

Notes / Disclaimers:
– This is not all that dangerous if you are careful. Some do run (portions) of this trail out and back (I would like to do that too).
– Hawaiians I encountered described the many “yahoos” going at this glibly with no respect for the dangers, so requested I show the risks to mitigate everyone thinking this is merely “a walk in the park.”
– There is distortion from wide angle shots looking down at my feet that make it seem more sheer than it is. To better assess the pitch, please look at the other images in the footage (including stills) that show the drop-off accurately.
– Flash floods and ocean surf have reputedly taken more lives than falls, so be wary in crossing or considering playing in the water.

Thanks for watching and I hope you might check out my other videos or full shows too! They have been live shows in Canada only this far, but I am creating *Streaming versions for 2017! If 80,000 Canadians enjoyed them, I hope other citizens of of other countries might like them too.If you subscribe here, I will add clips to announce dates when set.

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