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Ka’anapali Beach Walk Maui Hawaii COVID Travel Update Condos For Sale

By October 5, 2020 28 Comments

Here are the links I mention in the video…

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Latest Travel Update for State of Hawaii:

“Maui Food Line” Video: https://youtu.be/LOtT1J11Zjc (watch and please share)


‘Overwhelming’ Need Continues for 30 Emergency Food Distribution Sites in Maui County

PLEASE Donate to Maui Food Bank: http://www.MauiFoodBank.ORG

Alii Condos for Sale:

Whaler Condos For Sale:

Maui Weekly Market Watch Spreadsheet:

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  • Linda Sundry says:

    Love this video😍! I really feel like I’m there! Fantasy Island lol- great memories! If I sell my 170,000 condo, I wonder if I could make it there😊.

  • Linda Sundry says:

    Is it Vit D or Fish oil you’re referring to?

  • FoxxLair says:

    It’s so empty here without the tourists

  • Jim p says:

    The old Sheraton was great as well as the new one. Hyatt brings back memories, I met my wife there. Go check out the bar under the waterfalls at the Hyatt pool.

  • J B says:

    Brings back many memories. I've spent lots of time in Kaanapali. Sheraton parking is so handy.

  • Vicki Ladu says:

    My God, I was there at that beach when I was just 18!! I’m retired now. Must go back there!

  • I would like to see u make a video around hale kai okihei condos

  • I’ll be there November 30th.

  • Gee Brewer says:

    Love the Hyatt, and love walking around the grounds of the Westin. Miss that beachwalk. Sadly, my retirement income won't allow me to visit there anymore.

  • C Lerma says:

    Looks great. Going in December and staying in the Kaanapali are. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions.

  • James Boyer says:

    I've stayed at the Whaler at least once a year for over 20 years. Still kicking myself for not buying a unit there. Love that walk first thing in the morning, dinner at Hula Grill. Got to know Bobby Masters, head chef. Great guy, would always fill me up with something fantastic before I'd even order anything. Haven't been back to Maui since 2017. Was going back in June but had to cancel. Thanks Trump. Heading back over as soon as the quarantine mess is over whenever the heck that will be. And might just stay for good. Thanks for the great videos although it kills me to watch them! Fingers crossed….

  • jteeezy275 says:

    Love Hawaii, been going every summer with fam for the past 6 years. Except this summer. Stayed at grand wailea, ritz, fairmont in Maui. Sad to see the struggles.

  • DukeofGal says:

    Loved this video so much. My husband and I are planning our first trip and I was wondering if you recommend the Kaanapali area or Wailea for our first trip? What are the differences? Thank you!!!

  • I LOVE Maui, my second home. No one can beat Mama's, of course, Monkey Pod, my superfav, Mana Kai in Kihei.. pretty much the whole island! I've been coming to Maui and living there in the summertime until being diagnosed with breast cancer in 06/19. Complete remission, yay! Was planning on coming back to Maui this summer, but.. yeah. After watching your video about the food line, it broke my heart, and I realized my home away from home from the first day I was born, was suffering. I immediately needed to help by doing a virtual guys drive; I hope my little contribution will help. I probably have been to every single place in your videos, which of course makes me want to come so much more! I'll have to shoot you an email, I've wanted to live there permanently for the longest time but… I definitely don't think I can afford it 😕. I'm a nurse and have worked at the hospital when extra help was needed. The problem: I'm used to the cost, especially living in the Bay Area, the difference is the CA RN pay rate vs the HI rate decrease except typically the reduction in pay inhibits me from being able to purchase on Maui .(which is exactly why I should reach out to you!) Oh, my Maui story: the Mana Kai was an idea United Airlines pilots pooled money into and building the Mana Kai. Both my dad, and grandfather (oh, and uncle retired from united a white ago). So, this is how and why I've been coming there for 37 years now. Mahalo!

  • Moi Trang Ac says:

    I travelled to many places. I met the most polite and nice people in Hawaii, Japan and Turkey.

  • “All new kine stuff.” I miss pidgin! I’m from Oahu, but always loved going to Maui❤️😍

  • Terry dMT says:

    By far one of my fav vids, nothing like early morning beach walks , can't wait to do this route in the near future , lol this is like the 3rd time I've watched this, hey Eric was wondering if you could cover the other side of black rock wouldn't mind seeing the resorts on that side thanks

  • Hankman says:

    Thank you for sharing the videos! We miss visiting Hawaii! We’ll be back soon. We’ve been going to Hawaii every year. Maui and Kauai are the best islands to visit for us. We stayed at Hyatt’s in Maui a couple of years back and really, really enjoyed our stay there. The Ululani’s shaved ice is the best in Hawaii. Don’t forget the food truck across Costco, another must visit place in Maui.

  • Aloha! I’ve listened to two of your videos and I really like them and what you are doing for Maui. But I’ve never been to Maui but been to Oahu 19 times. In those years we had charter flights which was about $500 from Alberta, Canada. Actually many, many people travelled to Honolulu. How I loved the smell of the air when getting off the plane, the friendly people, the culture. I have gone to all the museums beside other sites and studied all the background and discovery of the islands. Always bought so many souvenirs, Kona coffee, macadamia nuts and chocolates. In those years we were able to bring much back. Willie Nelson has a house in Maui. God bless you richly for the work you’re doing.

  • We all need to do are part in this 🌍 world, scuba 🤿 diving one of my favorite sports, snorkeling, water skiing ⛷ or just distance swimming, Maui has it all! Thanks Eric for a great vicarious experience. God I miss Maui so much! (GO-MAUI)🤟🌈

  • So peaceful and beautiful, Eric you are really blessed to live in Maui! Pineapple good for inflammation and it’s a great Enzyme and super healthy for you! My wife makes tea out of the Red and pink hibiscus 🌺 flowers dry out! 😊 so good, cold or hot!

  • After I saw your video I had to check this out . Tomorrow I am going to walk it. ALOHA!!

  • Tina Kezar says:

    Looking for all inclusive at the Sheraton October 2021 traveling from Northern Minnesota 1-2 weeks.💕😉

  • fouraces1949 says:

    I was lucky enough to stay at the Westin twice. Loved it 😍🥰

  • My apologies, and with all due respect, your not wanting to make a political statement, but using the term, "that's what happens when you shut down an economy," you are doing exactly that. Governments have a responsibility to safeguard public health, versus insure any business stays open. I'm not stating this to be an ignorant ass, but the reality is, this is a no win for everyone. Don't think that anyone who has been forced to revise travel plans are not as frustrated as the hoteliers. And as I'm typing this, you did it again, how many people are lined up for coffee, zero. Might do well to think about what you're going to say rather than speaking from the hip, especially if you don't want to make a political statement. Everyone is facing a struggle of one form or another, and it's not the individual state governments' fault, absent a balanced federal response. we've already witnessed two holidays where americans have proven to be stupid and selfish. Hawaii is in a better position having businesses that are closed than having stupid idiots flocking to your shores. Don't want to get political, then don't talk about it. This administration politicized a global pandemic after denying it
    s existence, after minimizing it, after saying it was no worse than the flu. Too late for any one of us to not get political. Thanks for reading Eric. As a provider for the real estate market in Seattle ( i reset properties going on the market, basic clean up to full tear out and redo,) I'm uniquely aware of the impact this pandemic has on a community. Again, my intent is not disrespectful by any means. I do think we all have a higher responsibility to consider things far bigger than ourselves during these troubled times. Cheers

  • 1- 🤣 You rebel. Going past the guard and then on top of that you didn’t get off the walk when you said you would. 🤣
    2- Thank you for the pause on the beach. ☺️ Complete zen moment.
    3- Are the resorts open yet?
    4- Do you have a website we can go to for the latest updates on COVID travel to visit Maui? We really miss it.
    We are planing to retire there.
    5- How many 12 mg capsules do you personally take per day? I know it says to take 1 but what do you take that you said you have more energy?

  • Jeff Miller says:

    Where’s your helmet!😂

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