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Ironwoods Beach Maui, Hawaii – Ironwoods Beach Weddings Are Gorgeous

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Ironwoods Beach in Maui, Hawaii is a favorite location for many people because there’s no other beach like this on Maui! You’ll have options for dreamy, dramatic, and almost magical photos like the ones we’ve experienced with clients in the past.

Come along with us to get a peek at how Ironwoods Beach looks in the afternoon. Sunset and late afternoon hours are the most popular times to take portraits and say “I do” while soaking in the majestic colors of the setting sun.

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We begin this video with a drive into the parking lot of Ironwood’s beach. Easily overlooked, this parking lot is the closest beach-access public parking you’ll find here. However, because the lot is small, carpooling is highly recommended if you’re arriving with a handful of other people.

At the beach access point, you’ll be greeted with steps and a long walkway to get to the beach. Make sure you bring comfortable footwear! Ironwoods is one of the island’s top Maui beaches.

Once you’re on the shore, you’ll sink your feet into the softest sands of pure white. Days tend to get windy here, so you’ll almost always see surfers and plenty of waves.

If you turn left on the shore of Ironwoods, you’ll follow a boardwalk to the cliffs. These cliffs will take your breath away!

If scattered showers are nearby, sometimes gorgeous and vibrant rainbows will peep out of the clouds!

There you have it! A location filled with beautiful views and amazing lighting during the sunset hours. Watch this video and enjoy the epic location of Ironwoods Beach!

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