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Hikers rescued off of Maui trail

By January 3, 2020 3 Comments

Author Dave Hamilton

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  • Jacob Tanner says:

    If you go hiking, and get lost keep going down facing the ocean. And thats why when its raining no go hiking, you dont only put YOURSELF in Danger, but you also endanger the rescuers that have to go and get your dumb butts out of there. So I hope they pay a huge fine for being idiots, SERIOUSLY. Its for your safety but no listen then sad to say then ' FACE THE CKNSEQUENCES ' simple. Order up a casket for one. Ok coming up.

  • Hitman808 says:

    Eh idiots, check the weather before you go hiking at bamboo forest!

  • S faafiti says:

    Blame the fireworks like the other two geniuses.

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