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Hawaii Vacation? Maui Corona Virus Update

By May 16, 2020 29 Comments

Author Dave Hamilton

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  • Kristi Kious says:

    My favorite channel during quarantine
    I want to live there someday!❤

  • SHAWN HUDSON says:

    I sure hope everything opens back up by September. I would be so bummed to have to cancel my trip in mid September. Thank you for all the informative videos. Much appreciated.

  • Power grab. Must be fun. I will try and run for governor soon. Must be exciting controlling every aspect of one's life.

  • Anna Bykova says:

    Hello! Thank you for an update. Do you know if the shelter at place order also will be extended till end of the June?

  • Aloha! Glad you are well!

  • Tony Stark says:

    ERIC.. 4 Suicides in Kauai… ZERO China VIRUS deaths there….. almost 500 million was given to HAWAII for CORONA AID !!! CESAR has free reign of the money, no vote , no discussion… 70 million of that money to bail out THE BUS Deficit ???? 1,000 To residents??? Where rents are 2-3,000 ???? And now extending this BULLSHIT untill the end of June …. who knows July ???? Why no Revolt ?? HAWAIIANS , SHEEP BEING SENT TO THE SLAUGHTER….. This is going to turn UGLY…. These deaths are on the hands of the Governor David Igy. And those to come .. SADLY..

  • Tony Stark says:

    Do you remember the scene in the Movie TITANIC , where the musicians kept playing while the Ship was Sinking ?? LIKE NOTHING WAS HAPPENING……

  • Ole Boy says:

    Insane what the democrats are doing! Open up already

  • Thanks fir the update! We have reservations for September. Hopefully this ends before then.

  • Kiefer M says:

    Thanks Eric for the update. I love your channel very aspiring and helpful. I love Maui and Oahu and planning on moving hopefully sometime this year, just can decide which place. I work in education and planning on opening a daycare center over there. I also have a huge passion for real estate like you and joe to do some of that. Can you give me any advice on if Maui or Oahu is a better option and a need for work in real estate and day care?

  • Am Smart says:

    Meanwhile the County of Maui raised my property taxes again this year during the pandemic from $10.75 to $11.08/thousand of assessed value. All the county officials are in bed with the hotel owners who got lower property tax rates than the STR owners. Another business buster. After several people testified they give tax breaks to the locals, but if you are not a resident, dont expect any tax breaks from the local government. They dont like STRs or Aibnb's. So if you are seriously considering purchasing a condo, be ready for a big tax bill. My taxes have gone up in two years by over 50%. Realtors need to be upfront and honest with what is going on in the local economy. STRs will be the last thing to open. I already have July cancellations coming. Might as well write off Maui for the rest of the year. Lt Gov said the other day he doesnt expect visitors to come back until next year this time. So scrap any vacation plans you have unless you want to be locked in a hotel room for 14 days. The true Aloha spirit are showing their true colors.

  • Sean says:

    I was supposed to be there this week. So bummed. Have another trip planned for thanksgiving but seeing that the fair in October was canceled, I’m not that hopeful. I’ve been all around the world and Maui is my fav.

  • Panty Raid says:

    In my precinct of L.A. county we dealt with one suicide a week. Now we average 5 a day since the Corona Virus lockdown. Unfortunate, but should lead to lower housing prices if this is happening on a a National scale benefiting first home buyers in 2021.

  • Bert Lemieux says:

    I’ve heard the LT. Gov mention he wants to test incoming travelers for covid (KHON2 posted). He mentioned talking to airlines trying to get them to do this, but I imagine their reluctance to becoming medical technicians. Taking passenger temperature is easy (Frontier said they would do this), but performing a test is a lot to ask of them. Is this the reason behind the quarantine is being extended?

  • You stated 2 things in this video that I would appreciate clarification on please . How is it that you state that VRBO or Airbnb type rentals are considered as non essential, don’t they fall under the same rules as hotels since they are also providing temporary lodging? Question 2- is it definite that the Governor has expended the stay at home and travel restrictions order through 6-30-2020. I am finding conflicting information on that subject. Your information and help is appreciated as I currently have reservation pending for a VRBO property for Late Julyand need to know/decide whether or not to cancel by mid June. Thank you for your time.

  • TahoeSki09 says:

    We have a trip planned in July, I hope the travel restrictions are lifted by then.

  • Jeffrey Kato says:

    Took a family vacation to Maui right before the pandemic amd loved it. We're hoping we can return next year.

  • MountainMama says:

    We are supposed to leave next Thursday for our first ever family Maui vacation! 😭😭 we rescheduled for beginning of December. Hoping things are semi-normal by then, and hoping the weather is decent while we’re there! 🤞🏼🌺☀️🏝

  • Thanks so much for the update!! Trying to get to Maui in Aug so I’m keeping my ears up for all the info on it. Really don’t want to cancel my trip until the absolute last minute. Mahalo!

  • This is the BEST hawaii channel! I haven't been yet to maui but your channel has been more helpful than any other!

  • Pahanin says:

    Make America great again

  • Cara Daniel says:

    We had our first trip to Maui planned for July 4, we are so disappointed.

  • V S says:

    I’m trying to move to Honolulu, how can I do that right now?

  • Hi, thanks for updates. We are planning to be there in October. We are closely monitoring the situation and hope we are ahead of the second wave. Thanks for your time.

  • Amy Beard says:

    Mahalo. One day I will build a house on Maui. Can’t wait.

  • dsetred says:

    Love the channel and all of your videos. We always look forward to watching them. How big are those lots in the video and approximately how much do they sell for? Will somebody be able to build beyond them and block the view.

  • How well enforced is the initial 14 day quarantine in Hawaii?

  • Querencia.tv says:

    We Like 👍 it

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