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Grateful for Summer SUP Surfing on Maui with Friends

By August 9, 2020 One Comment

Aloha,I hope this video makes you smile and leaves you feeling charged. When everything else around you is unknown, one thing for sure sup surfing and catching a wave with good friends makes everything else in the world that’s not right, fade away.

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 This is a rare moment when the vibe on the water is super mellow and chill and there are plenty of waves for everyone. This morning was about a month ago and we had all the crew in one of favorite local Maui spots. Sorry, not giving that up!It was a mild mid summer swell that didn’t evolve to much, but we had surfers, sup surfers and some prone foilers and paddle foilers nicely sharing waves.

My good friends Donna and Belinda, a couple of bad ass water women; we all looked at each other and said, “let’s go, party wave.” Luckily Eddie was on the shore and captured our moment. So stoked.I hope this video inspires you, gets you moving and pushes you to charge a little harder, reach a little higher and imagine yourself out there with us. Let’s keep the Aloha and treasure times like these, in times like these. Enjoy!

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