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Caroline Marks & Stephanie Gilmore Battle to Finals at lululemon Maui Pro

By December 2, 2019 5 Comments

Caroline Marks takes on Stephanie Gilmore in Heat 4 of the Quarterfinals at the 2019 lululemon Maui Pro. #WSL

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  • Another Sunset type, wave choice for, Gilmore. Hence, frontside Sunset track.

  • See what happens when they put marks up against someone good instead of all these scrubs she's been winning against ???? She's Loses Yay!

  • Lots of nice sections to get covered or hack and they eyeballing the shoulder as a huge wall goes unmolested to get around it for a weak turn, or hit the lip and fall, isn't that what their "coaches" are supposed to work on? Turpel and Pottz digging deep to be considerate and nice, whatever.

  • these waves look 10ft from the cliff tops but at sea level they are really only 4ft.

  • Sean Yuke says:

    Rail hook. Are you fucking serious? If it isn't on the rail then it's a snap. SFB commentators trying to sound all knowledgeable. Just sat through another ten minutes of bovine excreta. That's what the judges want to hear. It keeps their overscoring out of the public eye. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

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