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Best Unknown Beach Maui. Amazing White Rock Snorkel. Good Sports Bar

By October 7, 2020 18 Comments

Best Unknown Beach Maui. Amazing White Rock Snorkel. Good Sports Bar
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MAUI TRAVEL VIDEOS. Steve is a long-time Maui resident, Hawaii-certified Professional Tour Guide, small business owner, travel writer, photographer, videographer, and aspiring YouTuber. He specializes in Phone Photography, using a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S8+, Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal, tripod & monopod, a lavalier microphone, and a wireless remote shutter release.

Steve uses a variety of photo & video editing software, including BeFunky, XARA XL, Filmora 9 and several others. He also uploads stock photography to Shutterstock. Music is from YouTube Audio Library.

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  • ALOHA & THANKS. I appreciate you watching and leaving a comment. It's fun to explore Maui and see all this beautiful place has to offer — so C'mon Over! We'd love to have you and share this amazing Hawaiian island. Stop by the Thirsty Turtle and say "Aloha" and I look forward to meeting you soon! OH — here's my last video: Best Dining Experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xbBfJXDP_A Mahalo Nui Loa!

  • john sipple says:

    Hi Steve- White Rock is one of my favorites too! That section of Makena Rd is what's commonly known as "old" Makena Rd. Thank you once again for close up view of what I miss the most!!!

  • john sipple says:

    Another great video! Thanks again Steve!

  • Dave Arlen says:

    Steve — Wowwwzeeee! Cinnamon roll and burger looked absolutely delicious…! Thanks very much for turning me on to White Rock Beach and the Lava Rock Cafe…! The Mai Tai looked like it had a nice dark rum floater as well…. Props on the dragon camera underwater video….! Nicely Done…. See you soon at the Thirsty Turtle for my Chicago Dog with extra sport peppers…:)

  • Joe terena says:

    Steve, or aka manor of Maui, love your style, Cinnamon rolls in the morning I snorkel and then ended up with a humongous hamburger with a mai tai that’s a beautiful day in Maui thank you Papa Joe Terena

  • gigibeanz says:

    Wow Steve, I’m going to need more then two weeks to go to all these places you show us in these videos that you post. One thing for sure is the Thirsty Turtle 🐢 because I need to be set free. Mahalo 🤙.

  • Wow, maui, beautiful, hopefully i can visit someday.
    Hi, here's from Indonesia. I really like your video. In Labuan Bajo Indonesia, you will find similar nice beaches and islands. Pls come and see my videos if you wish to see my personal videos during vacation there.

  • J B says:

    It's good to see restaurants open. Seven months with no tourists has to be devastating. Save my place in line at the Thirsty Turtle. I hope to be back early 2021.

  • K L says:

    Another great video… those cinnamon buns 😛 we will definitely check this beach out on our next visit!

  • Hey Steve, another Great Video! The first time I went to Maui (30 years ago) I stayed at the Kamaole Sands. They were overbooked so they put us up for a couple of days in The Polo Beach Club. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. So when I come back in September we are going to go back there and snorkel this beach you have shown us and get a Cinnamon Roll for Breakfast.
    Keep these videos coming as they are a reminder of my 15 trips to Hawaii. Can't wait to get back after this COVID Crap is over with. Aloha and Stay Safe.

  • LOVE your underwater footage at 10:04 what did you use to film this footage? thanks Paul 👍LIKE#21

  • Wilala TRS says:

    Good to see you Steve. Wow! and 👍👍👍 up on Sinnamon roll, and drink nice beach and underwarter. another good video. Thank you😘

  • TJ P says:

    Steve, do you ever worry about sharks ?

  • This may be one of my favorite videos that you've ever posted, Steve. It's got it all! Plus, I'm learning to never watch your videos w/o some way of taking notes so that when I finally get to Maui again I'll be well supplied with ideas for food and points of interest. My husband is going to love love love that cinnamon beast! Great excuse to drive down to that very pretty area of the island. Mahalo and I'm already looking forward to your next video adventure! Aloha!

  • Jovany Uribe says:

    Love that beach one of my favorite beaches to snorkel I have a video that I took with my drone, I can send the to you

  • Diver M says:

    Thanks Steve I was saving this for when I had the downtime to enjoy it.
    Keep them coming. Aloha

  • Justin says:

    Hi mate!! Enjoying the uploads. Have you ever thought about using smzeus . c o m to help get your videos higher in the search results?

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