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Best Beaches on Maui – Maluaka Beach by Aloha Stoked

By August 24, 2017 21 Comments

Hope you guys like the beach! It’s a great south shore beach on Maui that will be a much better option in the summer months when Makena beach is too big to swim. You’ve also got a nice snorkeling area on the North end of the beach that is often populated with hawaiian green sea turtles!

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  • StarbaiGunner says:

    Best videos for visiting maui! I came to maui last month and watching your videos helped a lot!

  • alex gon says:

    Always love your videos thank you for what you do

  • Daniel Ramsey says:

    Thank you so very much! I'm currently serving what appears to be a life sentence living in Alaska, overhyped with too long of a dreary winter and no matter how much i try i cannot see my dream of living on Maui happening, unless i win a lottery…or sell a kidney Great videos, lifts my spirits anyway..

  • William Zoom says:

    Yodi is half turtle:)

  • Amenda Dillman says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love to see the beaches and turtles!

  • xxxnolove says:

    This is my go to channel for info on Maui!!! Going next year thank you for all the information awesome channel

  • Robert Lefebvre says:

    Does aloha stoked have a store to get shirts and stuff?

  • Brent Lawrence says:

    Alright buddy, going there tomorrow! You on west or East Maui??

  • Dave's Randoms says:

    We discovered that beach last time we were there and loved it! Great video!


    Thank you so much for your posts…I grew up for a bout 5yrs on Maui and regrettably had to move back to the mainland in the 80's so seeing your videos bring back very fond memories of a childhood I look forward to revisiting someday. I will always love my time I had in paradise.

  • JessicaAloha TV says:

    We always enjoy your videos!

  • Max Austin says:

    Awesomeness as always sir!

  • Diana Lopez says:

    I'm in Maui, and going to all the places you've recommended. Definitely not disappointed, we loved Maui so much we stayed an extra two days. Hopefully we get to see you????. Awesome videos!!!

  • Makena Prince says:

    Coll good video

  • Tech Connect says:

    Aloha Kalani, I love your channel. I thought you looked familiar and then I realized you do another channel with motorcycle riding that I stumbled upon looking for hawaii videos a year or two before. I love this newer channel the best though. I'm a big Maui fan and a Youtuber w 65000 subs myself. Its even tropical themed. Anyhow keep up the good work . Hope to maybe see you in Maui some time and say hi. Oh and epic turtle shots by the way.

  • Sum4Seb says:

    Great video! It's nice that it isn't as busy… Love the turtle shots at the end!

  • David White says:

    Thanks for the video!! We were just there yesterday! Where can we get one of your awesome bracelets?? Aloha!

  • Raza Rizvi says:

    Amazing video quality! Can you please let me know what camera you use? Thanks!

  • Makena Prince says:

    Love you dad it's makena

  • Makena Prince says:

    He used a GoPro and sonei

  • Mauibabe08 says:

    Got Maui'd 9 years ago today at Makena Cove…drinking some Maui Blanc wine I took home with me this spring and enjoying your GREAT videos of Maui today with my hubby! Love you for the amazing job you do!! Keep it up!!!

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