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Bamboo Forest and Waterfalls | Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees | Road to Hana | Maui HAWAII

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This Bamboo Forest hike is a short (about a mile round trip) trail through a beautiful bamboo forest that leads to a series of stunning waterfalls and swimming holes. The trail to the 1st waterfall is easy (possibly muddy) and then becomes more difficult to access the 2nd , 3rd, and 4th fall. If you don’t mind easy scrambling and climbing slippery ladders/ropes you should be able to make it to the 4th falls.

The rainbow trees are a small grove of rainbow eucalyptus trees just past the Bamboo Forest and Waterfalls hike. The trees are gorgeous and look like they have been painted with different colors from the rainbow.

If you’re looking for some good hiking sandals for something like this, here is what we use and like:
Gerald – Keen – https://amzn.to/3bb7gET
Hailey – Chaco – https://amzn.to/3t9yd1u

Other Road to Hana Videos (ordered by location if driving clockwise around the island):
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Ching’s Pond (Blue Sapphire Pools) – video coming soon
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Pua’a Ka’a Falls – video coming soon
Hanawi Falls – video coming soon
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Waioka Pond (Venus Pools) – video coming soon
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