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A Day in our Maui Life | HIKING A ????VOLCANO!

By April 5, 2017 38 Comments

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Music: “Swimming Pool” by Yuma X

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  • Kayla Jacobson says:

    I love Elvis & Sandy! So cute! I volunteer to babysit 🙂

  • natalie edwards says:

    hi Ellen! so I'm flying to Maui tomorrow im beyond excited! any recommendations on places we should visit or eat (vegan restaurants) near Wailea? also, I was wondering about the schooling of your kids? do they homeschool or go to a traditional school? Thanks in advanced long time fan!

  • TheCaseyLouise says:

    The best kind of family experience! It will stay with the kids forever. My dad took my siblings and I hiking and trekking a lot when we were little. It's definitely stuck with me and I'm thinking about moving to New Zealand to get more opportunities to hike and connect with nature.

  • The veggie and fruit muncher says:

    Hi Ellen love your channel
    Can you answer a question for me please?
    But do vegans suffer from early onset of Alzheimer's? I'm vegan and I was wondering because someone who's not vegan said this to me the other day.

  • Isadora Quintana says:

    This video is so beautiful! Thank you Ellen for sharing this experience <3

  • molly wilson says:

    How I wish I was raised with this lifestyle. You're doing an amazing thing, your children are so lucky to have such lovely parents ❤️

  • YankeeKaddi says:

    I'm 17 but your videos make me so excited to become a mom! (in like 10-ish years, but still!)

  • blameitonablackstar says:

    Oh my gosh, Sandy's face looked so cute when he took a bite of your chili and was surprised by how hot it was lol. So cute!!!

  • blameitonablackstar says:

    Oh my gosh, Sandy's face looked so cute when he took a bite of your chili and was surprised by how hot it was lol. So cute!!!

  • blameitonablackstar says:

    Oh my gosh, Sandy's face looked so cute when he took a bite of your chili and was surprised by how hot it was lol. So cute!!!

  • Victoria Krupp says:

    My dad used to work on the telescopes on Haleakala! It was the greatest thing growing up on the beautiful island of Maui. Your kids are very lucky.

  • Jordan says:

    I'm in maui right now! This looks like an amazing hike to try

  • anaxxo says:

    This video simply includes all the goals I have for my life: a wonderful family with beautiful and healthy Kids, freedom, nature, friendship, feeling of being strong!
    I love this video, I just watched it 4 to 5 times. I love the way you live and what you made out of your lifes, it's so inspiring!!
    Greets from a big fan from Germany!! ❤❤

  • Loriayle says:


  • izzy diys! says:

    why does the kid have no pants on

  • Reneevee133 says:

    Beyond beautiful! And the music was perfect ♥

  • Caitlin Cox says:

    I also love SAM HUNT….I can't believe you guys were listening to him in the car…. so much more in love with this channel than before and I loved you before too

  • Gianna Lozada says:

    you guys bring so much joy to my heart. Thank you for sharing ????????????????

  • PineapplePaige Boman says:

    Love theirs channel!

  • btuuu says:

    Why is Sandy always naked ????

  • Brielle Michener says:

    I assume you did not have your sons circumcised considering what a conscious, smart, and loving person you are, so I was wondering if you could make a video on that. I know it's personal I just feel like it's an issue that know one talks about. I just think that parents shouldn't permanently alter there childs body without there consent.

  • Seasonkay says:

    Your children are so lucky to be growing up in Maui. What a blessing! Much love to you.

  • elizabeth pham says:

    Thanks for sharing! I do recommend hiking shoes for the kids and adults and a tiley hat, from Whole Earth store or REI.

  • Emma Bowen says:

    What a cool jacket!

  • iluv hou says:

    wow. wish I had been there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Moonessence1 says:

    As a mom, I'm always concerned because my partner has horrible balance and coordination, I always carry baby ^_^ he agrees lmao

  • Annika says:

    Sandy at 01:46 ist just hilarious ????????????

  • Lesley Keel says:

    I'm thinking on going vegan cause of animal cruelty but my family says no u need ur protein and I don't know what to do Ellen u probably won't see this

  • Dora T. says:

    After some years your kids will have great memories of a healthy, fun childhood ❤

  • Susan Steger says:

    does anybody know what that song is called? xoxo

  • Farida Nurieva says:

    so insane! omg amazing, love Elvis and Iyla , there so cute

  • brandi Koch says:

    Next time I go to Hawaii. It would be my life's mission to see you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

  • Cameryn Fischer says:

    Sandy's face when she accidentally feeds him hot chili ????????????????

  • Brenna Coulson says:

    Elvis and Ilya's friendship is so sweet I love it

  • Michajelle Kempenaar says:

    sandy is sooooooo cutee i love him ????????????????????????????

  • Karma jenkins says:

    Im a new yorker and Manhattan is not an island its a borough

  • sue collins says:

    Bin having a binge on your vlogs ???????? love the fact those little children are going to grow up to be the most healthy children xxx

  • Tricia Marie Salcedo says:

    Loving your family, ur videos and ur advocate Ms. Ellen.
    Big love here from the Philippines ????????

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