PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently offering this tour until we are able to fully re-open (currently expected in Summer/Fall 2021) due to COVID guidelines. If you are interested in booking a tour for that time, please contact us.
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Semi-Private: $529 per Passenger
Private Tour: $1399 1-3 Passengers
Length: 90 Minutes

Doors off Helicopter Tour to Maui, Molokai and Lanai!

Our 3 Island Tour combines the very best of the Molokai Sea Cliffs and the West Maui Waterfalls, and adds the unique windward coast and shipwrecks of Lanai, making the tour a full 90 minutes long!  This tour is very popular during whale season, as we cross between 3 islands with lots of time for whale watching.

What is included:

  • Refreshments in our private lounge at the heliport
  • Guaranteed Window Seat (open seating, not a private tour)
  • 90 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Your choice of door on or door off


  • We cannot accept passengers weighing over 260lbs due to manufacturer restrictions
  • Any couple weighing more than 400lbs combined must upgrade to a private tour due to manufacturer restrictions that would prevent an additional customer from occupying the third passenger seat.  Call us for special discounts if this is the case for you.  (808) 866-6165
  • Delays and cancellations for weather are at the pilot’s discretion for safety reasons
  • For a full refund, please give us 48 hours notice if you need to cancel
  • Maximum number of passengers per flight is 3.  If you have a larger group, we can take two helicopters simultaneously.  Please call us directly for scheduling.
  • Single seat booking times are subject to change

For more information, please refer to our FAQ’s or reach out directly via email, text or phone!

Maui, Molokai and Lanai all in one amazing doors off tour!  Whale watch in season, see all the best of Maui, Molokai and the secluded coast of Lanai.  See the famous shipwreck beach on Lanai as well as the Molokai sea cliffs and waterfalls and the unparalleled West Maui Mountains.

We’ll depart Kahului heliport and head North West out over Kanaha beach park. During the winter months, you’ll see surfers, windsurfers, and kiteboarders out riding the waves at this famous break. After a few short minutes over the ocean, we enter into Waihee valley, following the stream up to the first of the waterfalls. On most days, we can continue to follow the river all the way to the Wall of Tears, lava rock so wet and porous that waterfalls spontaneously flow directly from the sides of the cliffs and gather in the stream below. We will do a circle or two in the valley, making sure that everyone in the helicopter gets ample time to take pictures and compose selfies at the waterfalls and wall of tears before we head back out of the valley towards the ocean.

We then cross above the Waihee Ridge trail, often getting smiles and waves from the groups hiking up to the top of the trail for the incredible views of the waterfall, the ocean, and Haleakala. As we enter into the next valley, we will come across Jurassic Falls, from the movie Jurassic Park. Although the film’s creators cut together several different parts of the islands to make that first intro scene, this huge, two stepped waterfall is easily recognizable from the air. Here again, we take our time and make sure everyone can get a great view and amazing photographs.

If there is any North swell, we’ll take a minute to stop by Nakalele Blowhole, a lava tube that channels ocean swells into a massive aerial eruption of seawater.  From there we start the short hop over the channel to Molokai.  This is a great time to ask any questions of the pilot, or just sit back and enjoy your favorite tunes on the headsets.  During whale season, we see humpback whales that migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to birth their young in our safe, warm waters.  You can see competition pods of males vying for the attention of a single female, new calves learning how to swim and dive, breaches and general whale frolicking.

As we arrive at Molokai, we fly over Halawa Valley where five different streams come together to form multiple waterfalls and pools before they congregate into Halawa stream at the bottom of the valley.  At the top of the valley, we crest the Molokai Sea Cliffs, the tallest sea cliffs in the world that tower over 3,900 feet above the ocean below.  We’ll fly right by waterfalls that run straight into the ocean and amazing lush valleys before turning inland at Wailau Valley where we always wave to our friends that live there.  We deliver food and supplies to them every month at their completely off-grid home.  At the top of Wailau valley, we enter into the Molokai Forest Reserve, seemingly untouched by people for thousands of years.  As we cross the ridge and start our descent back to sea level, you will see the magnificent south shore of Molokai and its fringe reef, the largest one in the US.  As we travel up the reef towards Lanai, we keep our eyes open for more whale pods, sharks, or spinner dolphins.

Crossing the channel, we arrive at shipwreck beach on Lanai.  Lanai is 85% privately owned by a single individual.  You’ll see windswept coasts, watch for Hawaii’s largest pods of spinner dolphins, and see ancient fish ponds.

We come ashore on the leeward side of Maui, on the Kaanapali coast where it is always sunny and the beaches are welcoming. We cross over historic Lahaina town and head into Olowalu or Ukumehame valleys, depending on weather and wind conditions, where we enter into the West Maui Forest Reserve and pop out of either Waikapu valley or the historic Iao valley. Both valleys are filled with rugged peaks, sheer ridges, amazing waterfalls, and streams. From there it is a short hop back to our hangars at Kahului heliport, where you can relax with a cold beverage and debrief with our staff before continuing on with your Maui vacation.

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