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13 Crossings Hike and Waterfall Climbing Maui HAWAII

By April 29, 2021 4 Comments

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13 Crossings is a 2 mile round trip hike that crosses over a river 13+ times on the way to 2 separate sets of waterfalls, which you can climb up. We did each set of falls (left fork and right fork) on 2 different days. We took Zoey with us the first time and she stayed at the bottom with grandma for about 45 minutes while we went up the right fork falls. The second time she stayed at home because the left fork falls go up about twice as far.
The rope climb up these falls is difficult and not recommended for people without this kind of experience. Halfway up the left fork falls, we met a new friend Evan, a solo hiker. He joined our group for the rest of the way up and the descent. This hike, with the waterfall climbs, was one of the coolest things we’ve done on Maui so far and if it’s within your wheelhouse we definitely recommend it. It was like all our wildest jungle climbing dreams come true.

If you’re looking for some good hiking sandals for something like this, here is what we use and like:
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